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Fuel Economy of a ZZR250?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jenjams, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. Hi Everyone. I am a new rider. Yep I have that horrible yellow and back plate stuck to the back of my bike...

    Anyway my new purchase of a 2001 Kawasaki ZZR 250 while great for the learner rider in me, I have a question about fuel ecomony.
    What can you out of a tank? Are they very economical?
  2. depends on how you ride. what size tank you have etc etc

    I would imagine it will be around the 200ks per tank mark though
  3. Prolly closer to 300 from memory when i had mine... I could make it between here and wodonga on 1 stop when i had mine and it was far better around town.
  4. I had a ZZR250. Between 20-30kms per litre is what you'll see, depending on varying factors (aggressiveness of riding, state of tune of engine, traffic conditions, etc). 25kms per litre (4litres per 100kms) is about "typical".
  5. my lil zzr is a grand old lady from 1990...possibly the oldest on the road, frame number 00024...she still gets, on average 300kpl
  6. yep 300+ is a good number jenjams.... and an easy 30 out of reserve..
  7. i just got my zzr not long ago, but i seem to only get 200-250 a tank

    might be just my riding style, i like to ride it pretty hard off the lights, and keep it at a low gear so i have power instantly when i need it

    hate chugging along, but i think i'll need to, to get better milage.
  8. Thanks for the advice....

    I picked up my bike on Saturday, did my first 100km ph ride feeling pretty pumped.... Get it home. Go out to the garage on Sunday to start it up and ..... no action :(

    It turns over then it conks out. I try to give it some throttle, it conks out. I try to use the choke, it conks out. It just wont sit and idle at all.
    There will be a call to the bike shop today. So for now, my pretty blue zzr is sitting in the garage.
  9. Try a partial choke then.

    If it's not really cold sometimes only a partial choke setting will get bikes to fire up.
  10. Tried that..... Gave it a little choke and it still died :(
  11. as like others mine gets 326km per tank
  12. maybe low on petrol? try set it on res and see if it starts up

    or maybe u flooded the engine?
  13. turns out my idle needs adjusting..... we're back on the road!