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fuel economy (again lol)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by andy, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Hey folks, just wondering if anybody has any ideas on how to fix up my crappy fuel economy i seem to b getting from my '96 across as saw what other peoples l/100km was and realised how bad mine is - 9l/100km :roll: and i dont exactly fang it everywhere either so pretty much just askin if i should get it serviced or if there's something else i'd b able to look at to fix the problem, oh and i weigh about 100kg too if that makes any difference.
    cheers in advance

  2. Sounds like someone is siphoning your tank :LOL:
  3. yer, dammit i knew that little gnome livin in my boot was up to something :p
  4. It could be a family member riding your bike?
    My mate take his mums car (suzuki 4WD) with full tank and brings it back with less than a few kays left! :shock:
    LOL - He only has to pay for fuel if he emptys the tank :oops:

    Are you doing lots of hi revs in low gear? Doesnt that use up heaps of petrol? :wink:
  5. 9l/100km, are you measuring it properly because that sounds like something is wrong. Re do your maths and make sure its right.

    Check your fuel lines for leaks. Is it running rough? Blowing smoke?

    Thats less effecient than my old car, and it weighed 1600kg.

    Definately sounds wrong.
  6. dude you are too heavy for that bike me weigh 120kgs and got a exemption not to have to ride 250 on r date license cause of weight.i took a mates 259 rgv for a spin across to victor harbour and got shocking economy compared to him 70kg
  7. Another advantage of being tiny, saving dollars.

    *Writes that down on the small guy advantage list*
  8. DAMMIT!!!!!****
    Stupid Lanky-ness in the family!
  9. Oh and welcome to the forum :)
  10. definitely not leakin anywhere or else there'd b fuel under the bike or drippin somewhere right? and the figures are right cos i filled the tank up (with premium) and 100 k's later filled up the tank and it was about 8.5-9 litres so hard to get wrong really, i reckon ill get my bro to check to see if its blowin any smoke when im riding tomorrow but if it keeps doin this i guess ill hav to book it into mick hones up the road.
    oh and big people can intimidate little people into giving them their lunch money so i guess that evens things up a bit haggismaen :p
    btw thx for takin the time to reply everyone
  11. My bike gets about 5.4lt/100km and I ride pretty hard most of the time.

    Not really any help to you, just wanted to say it 'cos I went to the trouble of working it out.
  12. has the bike been serviced, air cleaner, plugs, mixtures etc?
  13. yeah it was supposed to have had a major service just before i bought it from Mick Hone and that was about 6 -7 months ago and i havent really been riding it that much untill recently so i think ill have to go get it booked in for a service as soon as i can come up with enough $$
  14. Fuel Economy

    Ok - I have a Honda CBR600F 1997
    17 Litre Tank

    I get approx 230-250kms round the burbs (and while I am not racing it, I dont muck around) before it hits reserve.
    I change gears frequently, I race off from the lights and I dont tend to keep an even throttle, especially when going up hills.
    My revs ranges from 3000-8000 rpm, any more revs and I will get speed camera photos or fines.

    So if reserve is say approx 1-2 Litres, then I am getting approx 6L-7L per 100kms.
    Oh - I only weigh 59kg (ROCK ON!) however my girlfriend often rides pillion and weighs 86kg.

    So I have great fuel economy and its a 600!!
    But then I am half your weight.

    Besides - the servicing issue, also what are your tyre pressures?
    I am running 36psi front and 42psi rear.
    It may be different to your bike

    Well - I am curious as to what fuel economy other riders get for larger capacity bikes?????

    Let me know!
  15. In relation to the across, how many k's you get out of a tank??
    and to answer the question about other big bikes, the 12 will get about 200-220 out of a 19 litre tank if i behave. and if i have too much fun well might get 180.. :shock: