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fuel consupmtion: anybody got a fuel tanker

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by qbnspeedfreak, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. ok so now i'm sadly throiugh the first tank of fuel on the firestorm, had the bike on the sidestand warming up, walked up to the bike and trhe petrol light was on at 120km's :( fair enoutgh the bike was leaning over, but went straight to the servo and put 12 litres in the 16 litre tank :(

    can anyone tell me how the storm should be ridden to get the best consumption? like what gear should i be in doing 100 as the bikes seems to labour when in 6th doing it...

  2. what i do is get in top gear and keep the bike in as low revs as possible if i want to get anywhere on fuel but if im going for a blat, i only get 100km out of a tank.
  3. Well, that's not far off what most people seem to reckon for moderate to hardish riding for a firestorm. They are known for chewing zee gas.

    Basically, the best economy is going to come from
    1) being smooth, accelerating the smallest amount possible, carrying as much speed through corners, and not speeding up and slowing down
    2) riding with the engine where it's most efficient
    basically, easiest way to determine 2 is you ride to use the least amount of throttle for whatever speed you're doing. So, yeah, if you use less throttle in 5th than 6th at 100, use 5th. Unless the engine is shaking off its mounts tho, 100 should be alright in 6th... at least from my memory of the 2 firestorms I've ridden.
  4. You don't buy firestorm for it's fuel economy LOL...
  5. What do you buy it for then? its sound?
  6. ......so you got a litre bike huh?
    ......so you got a firestorm huh?
    mmmm don't think there's such thing as an economical 1000cc v-twin.
    But hey they're heaps of fun right? :grin: :p
  7. i got 200km from 12L today up clyde WITH pillion :p :p :p :p
  8. My Storm is the larger tank model and i can only get around 250 ks before the fuel warning flashes , And i ride real sedately Honest !!!! :wink:
  9. I think your economy will improve once a few things settle in, firstly, your enthusiasm for teh extra grunt twisting the throttle produces (addictive isn't it! :LOL: ) and once you learn to use the torque of the larger engine just putting around.
    Just speculating, but you're probably still revving it a bit just cruising around, probably still used to teh smaller bike.
    Still a 17 litre tank is not that large for a litre bike, my Z650 only had a 17 litre tank, and that was only good for 200km.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. haha yeah i knew it was going to guzzle the fuel, and yeah i didnt buy it for it economy, love the bike love the sound love the storm hahaha.

    bob do you know if the newer tank would fit on the older storm?

    and i havent really revved it hard at all yet, couple of times i have taken it to just short of redline, but most of the time its a smooth take off with shifts at around about 4500rpm
  11. How many wheelies have you done?
  12. haha none, still getting used to the extra torque and power but i wants to lift off at most sets of lights, either that or break traction :p
  13. if you take it to near redline in first you should be doing wheelies no problem. anyway get some pictures when you wheelie it!
  14. haha yeah i have kinda mastered keeping it down, once i get the confidence to do some wheelies i will get some pics
  15. You don't have to rev an engine high to use lots of fuel, full throttle will do it, at any rpm.
    Maybe you need a tanker trailer! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. lol andrew only had the throttle fully open twice, oh well seems much better economy on the highway, got an average of about 15km/litre, still more then my old mans nomad 1500 but hey its a hell of a lot more fun too

    oh well also wont be riding it for a week or so now, layed it down :(
  17. thats a shame that you dropped it mate. was the damage bad? fuel consumption wise, as best as i can tell, on any twin, how you treat the throttle will determine the fuel economy. i know guys on vtr250s that get 350kms per tank, i also know guys that get 150kms per tank. using that low down torque is the key. i guess on the 1litre its so much easier to get the thing to guzzle.