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Fuel consumption

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by South_Oz, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. Filled up my "new" 19 year old Virago today for the first time (since zeroing the trip meter) and was surprised to find it consumed only 3 litres per 100ks. Pretty happy with that. :grin: What does everyone else get?

  2. :shock:
    Are You sure?? Thats incredible mileage
    I get around 5-6L/100km
  3. I get 4.5 to 5 out of my Aquila 250.
  4. Positive I zeroed it when I filled up last time, 209ks, filled up again, just under 6.5 litres. It's zeroed again, we'll check it again :?
  5. That's about right, I used to get about 3.3L/100km's on my Virago.
    And that was pretty much flat out the whole time.
  6. At least the bike has something going for it! :eek:
  7. Time to trade up from your FZR250?
  8. I get about 4 to 4.5 litres/ 100k.
  9. Okay cool Mountaineer, cheers
  10. I get around 6.5l/100km from my 1800 M109R
  11. scary that my 248cc gets the same as your 1800cc beast.... :(

    well at least when it comes to upgrade then fuel comsumtion wont be a shock.

    and its gotton better since i replaces some parts in my carbie...might need a tappet check but still

    6.5 out of the 109 must be babying the crap out of it
  12. The beast gets 6l/100km on average.

    It's delayed instant readout shows that at cruising speed it sits on around 5l/100km

    I must confess the delayed instant readout annoys me to tears.

  13. The M50 apparently gets about 5.3 (according to this guide)
    I had expected the 109 to have something really bad like 9+.
  14. Hmm how can the M50 get 5.3 where as the C50 gets 4.3 ? (going by that guide)

    The M50 is a 05 model compared to the 06 C50 other then that i shouldn't think the C50 being slightly heavier even would get that much better fuel consumption.
  15. When I get my new one I'll keep some records and find out. :)
  16. I also dont keep records, (not THAT anal)
    But I do know when I fill up, it is anywhere between 230 and 280 klms, and I usually put in 16-17 litres.
    From memory, the M50 used 11-12 litres for about 200-230 klms.
    over 15000 klms. BTW, cruising the M50 at above 180kmh, uses dramatically more fuel.
    A day of hard charging WILL use more fuel, about 40klm less per tank.
  17. I do keep records, more for keeping track. Nothing like rising fuel usage to realise something is wrong.

    My VN900 gets roughly 5l per 100, and I tend to accelerate quite hard up to cruising speed, so someone riding more sedately is likely to get better fuel economy, although most of my riding is freeway so that helps.
  18. Yep, filled it up about 4 times since and the same story, a touch over 3 litres per 100ks.
  19. My VTX 1300 Honda gets about 6L/100 k's..... it's still got less than 1000k's on it though, it might improve a little after it's run in????? :?:
    I checked that fuel web site that was linked above.... and it says about 6/100 for the VTX. Interestingly, their figure for the 750 Shadow was pretty much spot for my Shadow.... so I guess they're a reasonably accurate source of figures.