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Fuel Consumption

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Dan-E, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. I have recently purchased a CBR250RR, i always use premium 98 petrol, usually Vortex 98 or BP Ultimate. I was told that you approximately get 300 Km's from a full tank of petrol, i've been gettin approx 200-220 km's from a tank. So just wondering if you ride the bike hard, does it use up alot more petrol? and any tips for saving feul or gettin more km's from a tank.

  2. Interesting question.

    I was told to expect 230 - 250Ks from a tank on the ZZR. Filled up this morning and went for a ride to visit my father in Mooloolaba (QLD Sunshine Coast) - round trip of 240Kms. Filled up at the same servo upon my return - only used 12 Litres. That equates to 2L/100Km.

    Does this sound right for a 99 ZZR250.

    All Highway riding - 100-110Km/h
  3. Full tank? Did you use it all? run it dry?
    How much fuel did it take to fill it up after 200-220 Ks?
    What is the capacity of the tank?

    If it took more than 10-12 litres of fuel to refill a 250 after 200-220 ks, you may have a problem, either with the bike's fuel system, or the way you use your right hand.

    And yes, oddly, they do tend to use more fuel if you go fast or accelerate hard a lot. You see, it's burning the fuel that makes them go fast.
  4. See if you can locate your old primary school maths teacher.

    Go around and kick her chookhouse down.

    5 L/100k should be about right.
  5. What school of mathematics did you go to.

    How the hell do you work that out? No chance that your getting 100km for every 2 litres. Unless you got a very very very very very strong tail wind or your slipstreaming a semi.
  6. I have the famous '96 Across :rofl:

    12.5lt tank (I think CBRs have a 13lt tank) including reserve and I can get just over 200km. The most I've done is 210km.

    The above figures are based on freeway trips. Just to and from work, with heavy traffic, I hit around 285km.

    I ride hard all the time.
  7. The best way to get an average is to fill up, set your trip meter to 0 and ride and your average rate/pace for 100km's, then fill up again and note the amount of fuel that it takes to fill up. Its more accurate as a 240km round trip might not represent a typical bike jaunt for you. But it does sound like the deal put a Toyota Prius engine in your ZZR to get a fuel consumption of 2L/100km.
  8. Since redone calculation - got it all wrong didn't I :oops:

    Ah well - does 5l/100 sound better - and is this fair fuel economy for a 250?
  9. Yup - My bad :oops:
  10. That's normal fuel consumption for a cbr250, I think there 11 litres to reserve so that's not too bad at all.
  11. I have an Across, and get approx 200kms out of a 12litre tank. Only approx 160km , if fanging it from the lights all the time though.

    Just a note, and maybe to consider, I was told that you generally should not use premium fuels in bikes , apparently in a lot of cases it fouls up the spark plugs. Unsure what the theory behind that is , but maybe something to consider.
  12. Sounds within spec.

    Some people don't realize that an Across and a CBR has only .5lt difference.
  13. On my 94 zzr250 64998k now, and me at 110kg, i get around 280km before i get to reserve, and i do give it a floggin :biker:. Iam one of those L platers that cant keep to the speed limits and love to hear the my rev its head off, accept thou school zones thou. Gotta be safe around kids :moped:
  14. on my gixer 600 i get about 270km before i have to look for fuel lol
  15. Won't save fuel but if you want to save money don't bother running on 98 octane. It should run just as well on 95 octane Premium (only designed for 91 anyway) and you'll save a few cents a litre.
  16. Ive got Hyosung GT250R it has a 17L tank and i get about 400 to the tank. But I am still running the engine in so i cant really push it hard yet
  17. That consumption sounds about right. The bikes that can reallu use higher octane are generally those with the more sophisticated computer systems and some grey imports.

    The grey imports - like most Spadas - are designed for 95 octane generally rather than the local crud although the run pretty well on the 91.

    Despite that I still wouldn't use Optimax in a Spada :LOL:

  18. 5L/100km on the highway for a 250 sounds a little high.

    I get approx 5 L/100km on the highway from my 500 at about 120km/h*

    *In the NT only! :wink:
  19. You're flogging a 250 harder usually and they are out of their optimum fuel consumption range. I used to get 5l/100k out of my old K100RT at around 130k/h because it was where the motor was working at its most efficent.

    Funnily enough on a BMW Club run where we are all starting and filling up at the same time and travelling at similar speeds, fuel usage for all the k series (K100, 75, 1100 and 1200) would be pretty much the same over a couple of hundred kilometres. The K75 would be best and the K1200LT worst but only a couple of litres would seperate them.

    I get between 4 and 6 l/100k out of the R65LS depending on how it's ridden. Fuel consumption is better than the Spada on the highway and worse in town.

  20. probably the only thing i missed about my hyosung... that thing was great on fuel :grin:
    but just didnt have enough power :cry: