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Fuel consumption/Tailgating

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Naked6, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. Just got back from a ride on my 2014 ER6n for a total of 322km from Emu Park, Rockhampton, Mt Morgan, Googisomethingorother and back via Mt Morgan with some detours. Dirt roads, twisty roads, ranges, dips full of water and trying to keep up with my riding partner on his 1800cc Boulevard (and failing, miserably). Not exactly babying it, so imagine my surprise when I pull up at the service station to find it only took 11.8L to fill it to the restrictor in the filler neck. That I'm fairly certain works out to 3.66L/100km and I'm also pretty certain that for a 650cc thats pretty good. First time in a long time fuel prices havent bothered me and just another reason to be happy with my bike :D

    I did notice that around a hypothetical 160ish on a long straight that doesn't exist anywhere outside of this hypothetical question, no matter how hard I would be hunched down gripping the tank, my arse would get sucked off the seat! I can't tell if its being pushed from air coming over the weird fenders the ER6n has on the front side or it's suction because I'm so tall and broad shouldered it's creating a vortex that's lifting me (and I weigh 120kg).

    Either way, is this normal?

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  2. That's alright. I get about 5L off the 2007 version.
  3. I've come to motorcycle riding from a Commodore, so the fuel consumption difference is kind of a big deal for me. Your rate is still half what I used in the car.
  4. I know the Er uglies are a boring bike-this confirms it,best thing you like about it is the fuel economy,also your partner rides an 1800 bouly---are you really a male ?
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  5. "My...partner...on his 1800 boulevarde..."


  6. A little harsh, it did say riding partner, I assumed he meant bike riding! As opposed to other forms of riding.
  7. Definitely bike riding. He's my mother's partner, not a Nert Raider.

    Is your tampon stuck?
  8. #8 CraigA, Dec 5, 2013
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    Fuel economy?
    Thread worthy?
    Ah, NO!


    If you care about fuel economy, go buy a Honda Civic. So much better on fuel than a Crummydore and when you jump on the civic forum and tell everyone, I'm sure they will rejoice a hell of a lot more than anyone on a motorcycle forum will.
    Because that isn't the point in riding a bike and if you think it is, you have missed the point!
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  9. Actually I think you've missed the point. The point of riding a bike is to ride it for whatever you like, not to do the same as everyone else or ride it for their reasons. I never said the bike wasn't fun. I was just talking about the fuel economy. If it wasn't fun I wouldn't ride it.
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  10. There you go.

  11. Worthy enough for all of you clowns to make a comment!
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  12. That's excellent economy. Don't buy a litre plus bike and certainly don't be a Bandit.

    I don't know what it works out as but around town I'm lucky to get 220km before reserve (that's 16lt) and it's not much better if I'm playing in the hills. Mind you on a long boring trip on flat straight roads I can theoretically get 380km from 20lt.
  13. Honda Civic + Toyota Yaris checking in :cool:
  14. That is pretty impressive economy, especially if you're a tad heavier than your average rider. If you're using lower rpms, throttle positions, etc then yeah you'll get great economy from these bikes. Best I've got was about 2.5L/100km but that was from a CBR125!

    Cheers mate and all the best - boingk
  15. Oh yes, it's normal. I'm off to buy this bike :rolleyes:
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  16. I get 220km from about 16L equalling 7.27L/100km.
    It's only a 600, I'm not fat and I ride like a girl.
    Maybe the lack of fairings?
  17. Geez, that's not really flash at all. If you labour in low gears that might affect your economy somewhat but the only thing I've had guzzle that much was a 1987 CBR1000F - a 260kg beast with 120hp.

    ER6N's don't have fairings and I've got great economy on unfaired bikes at sane speeds (ie under 140).

    Try switching your air filter out for a K&N and making sure your driveline is properly adjusted and lubricated. Also make sure you're using that actual amount of fuel used and not just the tank amount. I know my VTR's tank is about 16.5L, but I usually fill up around the 13L mark.

    - boingk
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  18. My ER6N doesn't have fairing and I'm getting 3.66/100km. Is your bike running correctly, does it need a tune up? But then, that model may just not have great fuel economy. I'm not really familiar with it.
  19. HAHAHAHahahahah. His bike needs a tune up?? You've got a lambs bike that has maybe 50hp. You can't even compare the two bikes. You'll see the difference in fuel economy in a drag race. Now get over your POS bike. No one comes on a bike forum to parade their fuel economy.
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  20. [quote="Incontinentia, post: 2672852, member: 43244"....... No one comes on a bike forum to parade their fuel economy.[/quote]

    My postie bike will go 1,000km on one fill.:p