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Fuel consumption on 600 - 750cc bikes

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by the_blacke, May 27, 2010.

  1. I'm curious as to what sort of mileage people get out of their mid-sized bikes. I'll start...

    2009 Kawasaki Z750
    6.31 L/100 Kms avg (best 5.93, worst 6.76, bike only 2000 Kms old tho)
    120Kg rider
    Mostly commuting - some freeway, some stop start. Ridden with the "enthusiasm" of someone just off restrictions ;)
    Running 91 RON fuel

  2. 07 Daytona 675

    5.5-6L average, less when touring, around 5. Too scared to check when I'm giving it the beans.
  3. 08 GSX-R750

    5.7L/100km - 155km from Melbourne to Colac via Geelong Bypass
    6.7L/100km - 153km from Colac to Lorne via Apollo Bay
  4. 2010 Street Triple R 675 - same figures as Mitch. I've got as low as 4.5 on the freeway, but that was probably downhill with a tailwind.
  5. I have only ridden a few thousand kms on my 2008 GSR-600 but I'm averaging 5.1 pretty much every fill riding around Canberra.
  6. My average with my 08 daytona is 7L/100km running 98 octane. Thats with a tune loaded and riding it fairly hard most of the time. It only went up to 7.2L at the track.

    My 07 suzuki swift gets better milage and is far cheaper to register/insure/maintain. 1/500th of the fun though, but ironically a far better commuter.
  7. Yep, so much for getting into motorcycling because it's fun and cheap! It's certainly fun, but it costs a lot more as a primary means of transport than a small car.
  8. Depends - for me to commute by car the way I do by bike I'd be paying $70 a week in parking and I think $50 a week in tolls. On the bike I get both of those for free :) People whine about Victoria but frankly I love it!
  9. I ride fairly aggressively I guess and get about 255kms per tank; 98RON for roughly $20 a tank.
  10. u own a suzuki swift?[-(
  11. 2009 Z750 also...for me its about 250-275km. I reckon i could push it to 300km in a tank if i was less throttle happy :D, love hearing my exhaust going to speed!

    so about 5.5-6.3 L/100km, that's with Vortex 95
  12. I have to disagree. It depends on circumstances of course, but I'm saving a lot of money per week on petrol and parking since I got rid of the car. Parking is around $7 per day, bike = free, so including petrol I'm saving well over $50 per week.
  13. Haven't got my GSX650F here yet to get the fuel figures, but rcommuting on my previous GS500F to work, a round trip of 100km, I would save approxiamtely $75/week over driving my wifes Mazda 2. The bike would cost me $20 - $25 per week in fuel, the car would cost $45 - $50. Then there are the tolls of $50/week that i don't have to pay when on the bike.

    I also then get to park my bike in the garage at work, whereas the car is parked further down the street. Doesn't cost to park the car, but it means I have to walk further :)
  14. Yeah, I guess it comes down to circumstance. I pay between 1.5-2k per year for insurance, then rego on top of that. I go through tyres every 8 to 10 thousand km which are around 500 bucks a set, and I get similar fuel figures as a small car. I don't regularly pay for parking or tolls (car or bike) and I travel a lot more than if if I owned a car because it's a recreational hobby. I also use more expensive fuel than I would in a small car. Add servicing costs which are generally at smaller intervals than cars and it starts to become more expensive.
  15. Wow, my $250 full comp insurance looks pretty good then!
  16. lol I bought it for my gf!! My car is a v8 commodore but I hardly drive it due to police attention and fuel consumption (20L/100km). I've got 3 bikes at my place so I'm pretty much always riding.
  17. +1 07 Daytona pretty similar.
    Around 5.8L/100K on average.

    Around 5L touring and

    I think around 9L on the track, but that was doing a fair bit of estimating/extrapolating.
  18. GS500, average 4.2 l/100km mostly ridden conservatively.

    Had an old (early 80s)Suzuki Swift a few years ago, it was the 2 seat, 1000cc 3 cylinder model. Compared to the BMW R60 I had at the time, the Swift used less fuel and had a roof, heater, boot and radio. Definately a cheaper and more practical means of transport (it was almost as fast, too!!!).
  19. GS500F
    Commuting along the M1 everyday to work.
    Avg 4.5L per 100km
    I think its dropped since I've installed the Megacycle exhaust.
  20. zx14, 6.7l/100km, commuting and the odd bit of sporty stuff