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Fuel cap lock

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ._., Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Hey there.

    I've come into a weird problem in the last month or so. The lock on fuel cap of my 07 Triumph Sprint ST wont turn with the key all the way in.

    It took me a while to work this out and the last few times I've put petrol in I've managed to wiggle it open after 5 minutes of trying at a time. Seems all I have to actually do is put the first quarter of the key in and it turns. I tried the same thing with the end of a flathead screw driver and amazingly it opens that way too.

    I've tried both graphite and WD-40 to see if I can get it working as it's supposed to work, but it hasn't done much to help other than making it easier to slide the key in and out.

    The key works perfectly in the ignition and the side compartment. Just not the fuel cap (thankfully it still opens).

    Anyone have any ideas? I know it's not really mechanic specific, but I figure someone might have some knowledge.

    As a side note. Does anyone know of any key cutters in the Doncaster or Kew areas that can cut motorcycle keys? The guy I bought the bike from misplaced the spares so I only got one key.

    I took it to a place at Shoppingtown and they had no template keys that matched my key and the guy reckons I'll need to call out a locksmith to get one made up. I doubt that there is no key guy out there at all that can cut it.
  2. I think there is a decent key guy next to La Porchetta in Kew (up in that little strip of shops near Safeway).
  3. Get a new key cut a locksmith, they should have the right key on hand.

    My bike ignition was very dicky, got a new key cut, good as new!

    If that doesn't work, might be the lock itself that is dodgy, a few options there.
  4. Whatever you end up doing, I'd suggest making it a priority. Being stuck with no fuel and no ability to add any is a major pain if the lock suddenly ceases to work altogether. BTDT.

    I'd get a new key cut, as suggested by MV, 'cos it's not terribly expensive and might fix the problem (keys tend to wear quicker than locks). I'd also give the lock a thorough flushing with brake or carb cleaner, now that it's had WD40 in it, and relube with graphite.
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  5. Sprayed a small amount of carb cleaner in there, cleaned it up and did some key jiggling as well as putting it in and pulling it out a number of times. Seems to have done the trick and unstuck whatever was stuck in there. The tank no longer opens when the key is only a quarter way in, but opens super smooth when the key is all the way in.

    Tested it a good 20 - 30 times just to make sure and to make sure it stays smooth.
    Still a tiny amount of graphite coming out on the key so I don't think I need to relube the lock, but I'll check it again in a day or two and see how it is. Might relube once I know it is completely dry.

    Thanks heaps for the tip PatB :D

    Now I just need to get new keys cut!
  6. API Locksmiths on Burgandy Street, Heidelberg - recommend them highly they helped me with my locks and keys cost me $80 to get three keys cut and to try to sort out the original problem with the now defunct petrol cap and helmet lock
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  7. I would not use graphite. I work at a locksmith and the only thing we use graphite for is Bilock. I would suggest a product called EZYGLIDE, it can be bought in Kmart. It is amazing the amount of locks (especially ignitions) that we get in and a quick spray of EZYGLIDE fixes the issue.
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