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Fuel cap jammed!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ~DadAgain~, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. I was on my way home on Friday and my fuel light started flashing.

    So naturally I pulled in to the Mobil to fill up, put my key into the fule cap and turned it as far as it would go..... the cap didnt move....

    I turned the key a little harder (it was very stiff) and pushed down a bit (to try and give the 'tongue' of the lock the easiest chance to receed)... and still nothing.
    I tried BIT harder - and my key started to bend - so I stopped quickly, gave up and rode home with my tank still empty.

    Any ideas? Should I try and squirt WD40 into the lock? - or around the cap seal? Should I try digging with a screwdriver to try and 'pop' the lock?

  2. Never, ever pour liquid into a lock - if you think it needs lubricating, graphite powder is the go...
  3. get the allen keys out and remove the whole cap. Then you'll get a better idea what is causing it.
  4. So I've tried all my keys, and the thing isn budging at all.

    Now that school is about to go back I REALLY need to get his sorted (cant be 'caging' it to work any more once the road are full)

    So - I've decided to book it in for a service (was due anyway and needs to be done to retain warranty status). I'll let the boys at TeamMoto work out how to get into the fuel tank!

    So quick question - How many k's can you ride a '05 ZX636 with the fuel warning light on?

    I've done about 6/7km since it came on and have 14km to get to it service. Will I make it? or will I end up stranded on the ICB 300m short of 'safety'?
  5. Do what ibast said above: take the entire filler plate off using hex keys...
    You might just fix it yourself that way, but you'll definitely be able to pour some petrol in ;)
  6. Been advised that the other end of the allen bolt is inaccessible and you need to lift the filler cap to undo the bolt.

    Are you saying this is BS? (I dont know either way and am too mechanically timid to have a go unless completely confident)

    I'm worried that undoing the allen bolt might just result in me hearing a nasty 'clunk' as a nut falls off the back end a slides out of reach somewhere whee it causes harm...
  7. I find that on my 06 zx10 I have to push down on the fuel cap while I turn the key, otherwise it won't open even after I have turned the key all the way.
  8. Nope.
  9. Well - I undid all the allen bolts... and nothing moves! Sure the whole casing wiggles a bit, but no amount of pulling was going to let anything move sufficiently for me to do anything useful.

    Back to the plan of letting a mechanic take responsibility!

  10. All fixed now.

    Took them a couple of hours and apparently involved removing the entire tank and lining the backside of the cap for a while while slowly repeatedly easing the key back and forth.

    Once removed, the back of the cap release mechanism was all full of moist gunk. With it out the way it works beautifully
  11. Better that it was moist gunk stuck on your filler cap then in the fuel system eh? :D.
    Hate to ask... have you been running an ethanol blend? If so for the love of god stop now :p. It attracts moisture (and would promote moist gunk).
  12. No I dont put ethanol blend in the bike. I guess the last 3 months of ridiculously wet weather have taken their toll and my tank sittingon average half empty all the time has sucked in some moist air and left behind water vapour.

    A least its all cleared out now. Feels sooooo good to be back on 2 wheels again.