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Fuel and what it means for you...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by adprom, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. I went for a ride yesterday and will jump to the end bit as that is the most interesting ;)

    I was coming back along the Yea-Whittlesea road and had calculated my fuel to detour kinglake to fill up. GPS indicated several servos so not a worry. Get there with what I suspect are fumes left and not a servo in sight except for one closed one... I go into the servo and pub and they tell me no one around, need to go to whittlesea back along the main road. Speak to a local in a council car and they tell me if I can get to the main Yea/Whittlesea road (~9km away) it is mainly downhill to the servo there. At worst there is plenty of traffic to help.

    After much thinking and a charged mobile phone I head off. No more than 4km down the road, the first splutters appear and power cutouts. Feather the throttle even more (pitch black, 630pm and doing 60kph along the road as I couldn't do any more). After some tension I get to the Yea-Whittlesea road turn off and head up the hill in anticipation. 18km or so to go. Get a bit along and up some of the hills and start coasting down another hill. Just as I thought with 12km to go I might make it, engine cuts out. Attempt to restart on the way down several times and as the incline lessens a little and it fires into life. This is after coasting, looking like a retard with hazard lights on (not a bad addition by honda :p) and traffic flying past at 100.

    Get a bit further along over the next hill, down and cuts out again. Same routine again, flattens out and I start it the 2nd time. Finally, with about 8km to go it dies again and I have a bit of a hill. Finally the bike splutters into life for the 3rd and final time. Get nearly to the top of the next hill and it dies. Thats ok I think, 6.5km and I can see the lights of whittlesea a few hundred metres below, just walk it over the hill, jump on and hold on.

    So here I am, intrument gauge, gps and hazard lights lit up like a christmas tree, everything feeling normal and I start rolling - with the slight issue lack of engine :p You know those air crash investigation episodes where they run out of fuel and passengers talk of the eerie feeling of seeing lights below and just hearing the wind? It was just like that. Down the hill, not daring touch the brakes get up to 80 even. before finally rolling to 1.4km away from the servo on the flat, knowing I'm done.

    Thats ok, start pushing and I realise after 9 hours or so on the bike, it isn't that light.... Couple of blokes in a van felt sorry for me before I got more than a few hundred metres and gave me some fuel to get started (thanks boys). They rode bikes themselves and couldnt bear to see me push.... Finally got fuel and got home.

    Bit of a story for some of you to laugh at because I know some friends will never let me forget.

    TL;DR - Imagine some poor bastard coasting down a hill, hazard lights on bike and all with no fuel in the dark while traffic flies by in a 100 zone... Bike lit up like a christmas treee with the electronic fuel gauge all too willing to point out the situation... Especially after discovering fuel stations at kinglake burnt down.

    Some people made some comments to me... Best was "These comments may seem low - but your fuel tank knows how that feels. "

    P.S. Yes I realise the danger, especially in the dark of speed differential with cars etc... I was hardly in an ideal situation and it was a case of balancing out the evils.
  2. You won't do that again!

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  3. Yeah I try not to run out of fuel :) I'd have done the same as you though, but generally I try to plan fuel stops at least 50 k's prior to what I know my tanks limits are.
  4. All bikes have two tank ranges. There's the comfortable range and the "OhshitIhopeIfindanopenservosoon" range :D.
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  5. I ran out of petrol on christmas eve. Just called the RACV and sat safely on the side of the road and waited.
  6. I think the worst for me, was when I was on my L's, WAY up north, like, Port Mac way, and being on my L's, heading along at 80k's, them going 140 minimum on the highways.

    They left me for dead, and didn't wait up. They stopped at a servo, and obviously had been there for ages as they'd already eaten. Anyways, I get there, grab a drink, and they're gearing up to head off. I think "ah, obviously don't need to fuel up, there should be another servo in 100 k's time that we'll stop at".

    But nope, my bike is running on fumes and I'm on a highway, had passed one servo, and they weren't there, and now desperate. Thinking I should turn off at every turn off. I don't, cause these guys I'm riding with I haven't seen a trace of, so obviously they're waiting for me at the next servo, right?

    I'm now desperate, see a dude pulled over on the side of the road, I stop, switch my bike to reserve, and ask him where the next servo is. He said there's not one for ages and best bet is to take a turn off. No turn off for a while. Finally, there is one. The servo is shut. I go to the next down while still on the exit, my bike is now showing signs of struggling. It's not gonna make it!

    I take a left hand turn to avoid heading back onto the highway, and there's a servo! It's all downhill, and then my bike dies, but it's okay, I don't need it! Weeeeeeeeeeeee down the hill!

    Pull in and feeling good! Fill up, and a very thirsty bike at $21!!!!!!!!

    And agreed with PatB - I was into the range of "OhshitIhopeIfindanopenservosoon"! :p
  7. But how boring a story is that!?!?

    Honestly, people love hearing the stories of "pushing it 100 k's" or "ran out just up the road" "asked a hot m/f for help and then ended up getting their ph number too - score!"
  8. If you cant fuel it up then it aint no fun. Be it 98 ron or 40 proof
  9. Lowercase, there was a great story that came out of the car magazine business in the mid 1970s, of a group of Aussie motoring scribes who went to the Aus introduction of the latest AlpaRomeo. It was based in the wine country north of Adelaide. Needless to say they succumbed to a little peer pressure, first with the wine tasting, and then with the driving. The venue was at a winery-come-resort which had a long, slightly downhill driveway, and the entrance was half way down a very long hill. They blew the Alpha up (rods through block - job done properly) on the climb, coasted over the top at walking pace, and managed to glide about 4km back to the resort, leaving the car dead centre (in more ways than one) of the driveway. The concierge came out 'You can't leave it there!' so they threw him the key and walked off, found another drink.
  10. Bloody well hope not, the few hundred metres of pushing was bad enough!
  11. Hahahah nice one KneeD
  12. what fuel means to me, is be extremely carefull what you put in your tank if you own a modern fuel injected bike. because bad fuel means expensive repair. clog up the fuel filter, which is inside the tank and can't be cleaned and is simply a small part built into a larger part that does all sorts of fancy bullshit. can't fix it, have to replace it. = big dollars. do this on a new R1, you're looking at around 3 grand to replace that part.
  13. Bloody hell... Was there anything circumspect about the fuel?

    Surely if it was to spec, then the retailer would be liable given the fuel they sold you did damage?
  14. How the hell does a fuel filter cost $3k? I'm bloody glad all my efi bikes have had easily replaceable $25 filters that can be reached through the filler cap or, at worst, by taking the tank off.
  15. To top the weekend off, ended up with a nail through the rear tyre yesterday.... Fun! Bit more difficult to fix than just getting more fuel.
  16. I'm fast becoming an expert in puncture repairs. !!
  17. Changed a few tyres, but I've never fixed one. Still holding pretty tight this morning so it was a decent job. Don't think anywhere is open today though.
  18. Hmmm, took it into Pete at E2W this morning and using this as a bit of an excuse to upgrade both tyres to the Bridgestone BT023s ;) Ive used the BT021s previously which I liked a lot more than the current dunlop OEMs.
  19. awesome :D i love new tyres!