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Fuel and stuff - for an abused Bandit

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Bravus, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. The Bandit is now tending to be used a couple of days a week for the 5 min commute to work, instead of every day for the 40 minute commute... which is probably not great for it. I'm taking it out for a longer ride whenever I get a chance (sadly, up and down the M1 freeway lately, which is boring me and squaring the tyres, but hopefully I'm mostly finished with that now and it'll be Mt Tamborine and the Gold Coast Hinterland).

    So, I've been putting 98 fuel in it, on the theory that it will help with keeping it less carbony and such... make sense, or no? It's probably less than a buck a tank, so I don't mind the price, just wondering whether it makes any real difference.
  2. No problem - take the long way to work :D

    I've got a 15-20 minute commute if I go direct.......sometimes I stretch this out to 1.5hours...

    At least once a week I will take a "motorcycle therapy" hour long ride in and on an alternate day do something similar on the way home.............I thought we all did this?
  3. Oh, I do: when time permits. Been crazy lately, but yeah, as things settle down that'll definitely be part of the solution, and should take care of water in the oil and those kinds of consequences of short trips.

    Still be interested in opinions on the fuel thing...
  4. RE: Fuel - I've only used 98 octane in the Shiver since new..........I'd be prepared to run a couple of tanks of 95 through, but no less.
  5. It's been a lot harder to start, needing choke every day rather than just on a couple of the coldest days of the year, so I guess I'll drop back to 95 and see how that goes.

    But even more good excuses to go for a 'proper ride' at least once a week and ideally more. ;)
  6. Hang on - choke?

    You have a carbied motor? Not EFI?

    There's your problem - the RON98 is gumming up the float needle.....
  7. Yep, shoulda said, 99 Bandit, 4x carbs... so yeah. ;)
  8. If you are using it every few days shouldn't be an issue of fuel going off and if you are taking too long to go through a tank so that ist is sitting longer in the tank, just try partially filling and it will change more often.

    And if you don't need 98 stick with 95
  9. Ran it out of 98 and filled up with 91. Starts happily first go every morning with no choke.

    Lesson learned. :D
  10. really? ,
    no im not being funny - i am out of date on this fuel thing and have been using 98 on 3 bkes with carbs, - not for long i am still a noob.
    i thought it would be better from a cleaner point of view.
  11. Unless your bike has been rejetted and had the timing advanced a higher octane fuel is useless for a carbied bike

    EFI bikes are different as they usually run in a closed loop arrangement where the fueling is trimmed while running.

    One of the primary reasons for higher octane is to prevent detonation which can occur in high compression engines or highly tuned engines.