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fuel and speed out of my 94 zzr 250

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kransky.dan, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. hi all,
    just wondering what kind of KM's should i be getting per tank if i run the bike on 98 octane approx (depending on thrashing)?

    Also what kind of speeds these bikes can get up to?
    My "friend" said he's hits about 140km/hr and thats it? :wink: This sound bout right?

  2. Mine ran heaps better on 95 octane from shell than anything else (noticably better !!)

    I would get about 270-280 KM per tank around town and just a bit better on the open road, and had a top speed of not quite 160km/h but that was absolutly ringing its neck (on a closed road, driven by a professional driver of course :wink:), 140km/h was easily done, but well above crusing speed.

    Of course there is no saying that my speedo recorded correctly, but based on other traffic it was pretty close.
  3. My 2002 zzr gets 300+ before reserve. Haven't tried top speed yet as I'm still learning. Have been to 120andabit in 5th gear pretty easily.
  4. Same bike, same k's - city commute and country not much diff.
  5. ok cool, might try the 95 oct and see how i go, i got 200km out of $15 when tank was on reserve so that sounds about right??..... i hope, did thrash it a little though :wink:
    cheers for the replies guys
  6. My old zzr did around the 280km before reserve and I did manage to squeeze 165kmp out of it ...... but with that pissy single disc, front brake it's not something I recommend you try too often.

    Of course we must also mention that 165kph is unsafe, illegal, irresponsible and just plain Naughty!
  7. My '96 zzr gets pretty much the same as both these figures..
  8. zzr250

    I had the same bike, and would get 270km out of a tank, top speed was 170 (so I heard).

    Speeding is bad mmmmkay? :roll:
  9. I usually fill up at 300km without hitting reserve, mainly commuting riding. Did 320km today on the highway and there was still a few couple of litres in the tank when I filled up.

    Speedwise, it'll do 140km given a bit of room, but much more than that is really stretching things. It can go faster if you give it enough run up. Cruises at 110km very happily. I'm fairly sure that my speedo is accurate as I have checked it against a GPS.
  10. down hill with a tail-wind :p :LOL:
  11. 18L tanks!!... :shock: I'm sooooo jealous
    I only get about 200km out of my pissy 12L Across tank
  12. I get 380 kms on a tank without reserve, using 19 Octane Unleaded. It's a 2005 ZZR250 which has seen 160km/hr under strict conditions.
  13. With my '98 ZZR250 i generally fill up at 300Km's.
    I have run the tank dry to 400Km's.

    Top speed so far is 140km/h in 6th.
  14. Nah...... Lane split'n :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Is it recommended that these bikes use 95 or 98 petrol?
    What is the compression like?
  16. Its around 12. So unleaded is definitely recommended, don't know how you missed the giant 'unleaded only' sign on the tank :D

    So yeh, since its low compression, it will run better on unleaded rather than something higher.
  17. That is a big tank for a little bike! Flea, I only got 160km out of my Across :LOL: . If you had an 18L tank and didn't account for weight of the fuel, based on your current usage you'd get 300km too!

    Ummm... aren't 95 and 98 octane fuels "unleaded" as well?
  18. Obviously not :LOL:
  19. Hehe, sorry for confusion. :) I say unleaded as around here you either get 98, 95 or unleaded. Which I guess is 91?
  20. I have a GPX250 (they say its the same engine so I thought I'd post my opinions).

    Normal unleaded - I don't like it. The bike feels different in a -ve way compared to...
    95 Octane - This one runs my bike better. It 'pulls' much more when accelerating, and I feel like I have more control over the bike. Does that make sense?
    98 Octane - Something does not feel right with the bike. I feel there's much less control... as in, when I accelerate sometimes it 'pulls' more, sometimes less.

    Note : I'm not an experienced rider in any way, I'm still on my L's. So those are just my opinions, maybe I'm totally wrong on all those points. Or maybe there's something wrong with my bike :)

    Feel free to say it if I'm spouting nonsense here.