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Fuel Additives - Ever used them?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by jphanna, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. Way back in 1993, I took my then car (XE falcon) to my regular mechanic for a service. When I picked it up, he handed me a bottle of this green stuff called FUEL SET. (made by a WA company called LIQUID ENGINEERING) I asked him what this was for, and he said it was an additive for the fuel. I was never one to fall for these voodoo witchcraft ‘wonder products’, but he had already used some on my car…and it was added to my bill! Its designed to absorb water that gets into the fuel at every fill up.

    The instructions said to use 20mls (capful) into every tank of fuel. What did it do?
    Well I noticed that the car had a smoother idle. It had more poke, revved easier and after months of use, I noticed that I used less juice. Then after quite a while of using it, I thought it didn’t make any difference anymore. So I stopped using it, and then my car felt a bit sluggish, a bit lumpier, and used more juice again. Thats when I knew that this stuff made that much difference. I since had about 7 cars, and still use the stuff today. I have put it in other peoples cars to see their reaction, and I would always get back the same reaction…’what did you do to my car, it revs right out now…’

    I get it from a boatshop now! its no secret that the boaties use it religiously. I use it on my jet ski and my motorbike of course.

    Have you used any additives and noticed a difference? This is the only ‘voodoo witchcraft wonder product’ I have ever used.
  2. I used to use a lead substitute when I was riding an old Laverda. XE falcon you say? That would have been a lead vehicle and carbied? 1993, was leaded phased out by then?

    If so, I'm not suprised you noticed a difference with the correct additive.

    I'd be suprised if any additive made much difference to any modern vehicle with FI. The exception being ones with higher keys that need a clean out. Even then the advantage would drop off after a couple of tanks.
  3. My guess is that it was/is metho with a bit of green dye and maybe some detergent type stuff in it. Yes, it'll do what it says on the tin (absorb any water that's around and allow it to be passed through the engine and out the exhaust), but it'll be cheaper to buy 5l cans of it from Bunnies. Which is what I tend to do if I suspect water in my tank :grin:.

    The only other fuel additives I've used have been the occasional dash of Redex or even a bit of two-stroke oil during winter in the UK, to help with top-end lubrication when starting on minus 10 degree mornings.

    I do know a couple of guys with hot two-strokes who use an octane booster to avoid detonation, but that's a bit of a specialist application. It would probably benefit four-strokes with raised compression ratios or forced induction too. However I can't think of too many (ie any) factory engines that would require more than premium fuel.
  4. Yeah, I use that 'Flash Lube' stuff in my Valiant and it seems to work alright. Also ran around a 120:1 ratio of 2T oil in it once, seemed to like it a lot.

    Haven't really done anything like this with my bikes, just rejetting and stuffing around with which fuel it seems to like (if any preference at all).

    Cheers - boingk
  5. Feel is all well & good, but you'll have to show me before before & after dyno graphs before I'll be handing over any money.

    I haven't seen any of those products ever back up their claims with hard data.
  6. yeh could be a placebo effect, as mentioned a drop of metho i the tank gets rid of water.

    i have used octane booster, i used some at a track day and then finished the bottle during road use. Cant say i noticed any difference
  7. Funny thing is, your story is anecdotal.. and isnt really evidence. Not to discredit you :) but your car should run smoother and accelerate better after the service, and then decrease as the oil gets dirty etc.

    It may work, but like MV said, evidence what those products need.
  8. I was thinking about using NOS n my tank -- heard in a forum in the states its all the rage apparently :)

  9. i heard a couple bottles of that makes your gixxer go wicked!
  10. Thats the one \\:D/