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FS: [VIC] Random bike stuff

Discussion in 'Archived' started by wicky, Apr 8, 2009.

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  1. Clearing out all my bike stuff as I'm no longer riding.

    I have the following for sale:

    -Black Icon Anthem jeans waist is 32" - as new condition as I preferred to wear
    my normal non kevlar jeans these were hardly used. SOLD

    -4L Motul 5100 10W40. SOLD

    -Leather Dainese Jacket. Don't know the model. Good condition, comes with
    inner lining and elbow protectors. Size 50. $450

    -Thomas Cook Xsport boots. Unsure on the exact size though I usually wear size US9 with regular shoes. Relatively good condition. $100

    -Nokia N95 8gig. Nothing to do with bikes but I'll just chuck it in here
    rather than creating a new thread elsewhere. Price comes with Handset,
    Battery, and Charger. $350

    Sorry about the quality of the pics. Taken with a phone camera.

    Please PM, email - williestylez@gmail.com, or give me a bell on
    0421 891 739 if interested or if you have any queries.

    Willing to ship interstate at buyers expense.
  2. I'll take the disc lock.

    I already have one but in need of a spare one. The key keeps jamming :(
  3. Where abouts are you mate? I might grab the bike cover from you!
  4. Sweeris: PM me your contact details or give me a call.

    AhrimaaN: I'm located in Bentleigh.
  5. on topic, Leather Dainese Jacket size 50, is that euro or US size..

    off topic, how come your not riding no more?
  6. urmm.. honestly i have no idea if it's Euro or US. I've seen a fair few Dainese jackets with just a digit on the inner right w/out indicating euro/US.

    i've always wanted a bike to satisfy my inner race boy. it's now been satisfied and i genuinely don't have the time nor finances to keep 2 vehicles on the road.
  7. bummer mate, youll get the itch again later on in life :)
  8. ^^

    Yep, about 1 day before his 40th! :grin:

    Nice jacket, Wicky, shame I already have one :roll: :p
  9. Today is the 120th day of the year - 121st in leap years.
  10. Hey, so do you know if that jacket is US or Euro sized yet?
  11. Go to the shop and try one on. Better yet, if you're interested, catch Wicky. Chances are that it's a Euro 50. If you're too lazy to get to a store or catch Wicky to try it on then maybe this will help. I'm 182 cm and 73 kg and size 50 is my size.
  12. Is the jacket still for sale?
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Not open for further replies.