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FS (Vic): 08/09 Ninja 250r Parts/Mods - Please check within!

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Grumpy_Trumpy, Aug 16, 2009.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Here is a list of items I have for sale, see below for full details!:
    Rear Hugger,
    Area P CF Full Exhaust,
    Targa F/Elim. (NO CUT),
    Puig DB Tinted Screen,
    OEM Seat.

    Up for sale are my following items, all are to suit the 08/09 Ninja 250r. I have a set of blinkers for sale too... they are under my fender eliminator listing. The bike was written off, hence the sale of most of the parts, relevant details are below. If you have anything else you need to ask me, feel free, i'll help as much as I can. I'll be fairly open to reasonable offers too, so don't be scared!

    Item: Rear Hugger - Falkeen A-Tech Copy.
    Price: $200 + Postage/Pickup, they are $200+ Postage bare, this will be painted!
    Condition: As new, sold by Falkeen. It is made of a fibreglass, Falkeen says is better than the A-Tech version anyway. If you have any questions regarding them, maybe give him a bell too, he's pretty easy to chat to. Was on the bike for around 1000k. Had it on the bike unpainted (just in gel-coat as received) Will be getting painted in gloss black, or can arrange any other colour as discussed. Will be painted by professional spray-painter.

    Item: Area P Carbon Fibre Full Exhaust (Standard length 12")
    Price: $650 + Postage/Pickup
    Condition: As new, Was on the bike no more than 2000k's. Put on at first service (1000k), Took off a couple thou later because the bike was going to my mum and was too loud :p

    Was bought brand new from the Area P Website. Prices are still the same as then. Expect to pay at least $700 for one with the current dollar + Postage costs. Postage costs were about US$85 + the exhaust at US$495. That's around $725 Aussie dollar, plus the wait, etc. etc.

    Can use as is (jet kit recommended but not required).

    I ran a jet kit, and had it tuned and it ran beautifully. Had a very noticeable gain with and without the jet kit (kit was put in slightly later). Just all-round a lot crisper and more useable rev range. I took ages to pick out which exhaust I wanted, listened to plenty in person, and for the price, sound, value (full exhaust), it won out by far!

    Area P Website: http://www.areapnolimits.com/product...-250R-2008.php

    Item: Targa Fender Eliminator - No Cut.
    Price: $100. They are about US$115 Posted. Mine comes with 2 bullet style number plate lights (Cost $25pr) that are MUCH better than the standard ones. I went through 2 DIFFERENT standard ones that were replaced free by targa and BOTH failed! The stuffed ones will be included also, but do not work, so do what you will with them! :p
    Condition: As new. Took off the bike, because it was in an accident and written off. The Targa Eliminator is one of few that utilises all new parts, thus not requiring you to cut/modify your original and keep it so that it can be returned to stock if ever needed. Comes with the standard targa supplied indicators. They work perfect with the standard flasher can. (Non LED). One of indicators is busted, pulled through the bodies' thread (only rubber).

    It has it's own blinker mounts, some others don't and some also require you use your own big and daggy indicators

    I bought a new set of bullet style ones, 4 in total (front & rear) that the buyer can have for an extra $50. They're E Marked, so legal to our standards. They cost me $80 all up, but they require a new electronic flasher, as the globes are only 6w and don't flash (they stay lit). I tried finding other globes but they are a unique design and only come in 6w or less. (needs about 10w drawn for them to flash right).

    Item: Puig Double Bubble Tinted Screen
    Price: $120 + Postage/Pickup. I paid $130 for it, worth about $180 NEW.
    Condition: As new, few little buff marks on it, can barely see them unless looking right at it under light. I am going to attempt to buff them out with a special treatment given to me from a panel beater friend.

    It also has the Kawasaki sticker on it - standard, they don't!

    Item: 08/09 Ninja 250r Rear Seat.
    Price: Offers, Haven't priced one from Kawasaki, but will do. Will be going back in there shortly, will price accordingly, obviously significantly cheaper than from the dealer.
    Condition: BRAND NEW, NEVER USED! I had the factory seat cowel on straight out of the dealership. It's still wrapped in the elastic plastic cover since new!

    Location: Victoria, Melb. inner suburbs.
    Delivery Conditions: Pickup or can arrange postage/courriers with the buyer, pretty flexible!
    Contact: PM only as per forum guidlines.

  2. Click on the thumbnails for bigger pics! :)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. BUMP


    Eliminator Sold
  4. Any takers? Still available!!
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