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FS: [Syd] 1989 Nissan March Superturbo

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by smidge, Jul 24, 2009.

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  1. #1 smidge, Jul 24, 2009
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    Supercharged and turbo charged, rare, reliable, fast and cheap. Not a common combination.

    Video: need lots of info quickly, try this:

    1989 Model
    Imported in 2005 by Justjap Kirrawee , i'm the 2nd Aus owner.

    Kilometers: 95,000 (actually closer to 85k, the speedo's out)

    - bumpers & wing recently resprayed
    - over all good, discoloured paint on lower drivers side door
    - odd dent and scratch here and there, regularly polished and waxed since i've owned
    - interior generally good, some fraying on top back seat from sun

    - KYB excel G K11 Micra struts up front, Starlet rear oem struts
    - dark reflective tint all round
    - king spring lows in front, starlet spring in rear
    - 15inch alloys
    - yoko a539 tyres, sticky with about 70% left front and rear
    - fmic (aluminium piping and joiners, works well)
    - blitz pod
    - HKS 2.5inch turbo back exhaust
    - supercharger switchable (s/c runs 10psi from 1000rpm)
    - uprated pulsar front brakes & pads (vented, and bigger than oem, straight swap)
    - rear brake shoes recently replaced
    - autometer boost gauge
    - GFB bleed valve (turbo boost up to 15psi from factory 13)
    - coolant, plugs, brake fluid all replaced within last 6 months
    - oil and filter every 6k with 10/40 full synthetic

    - Pioneer 3xxx Head unit
    - 4" Pioneer front speakers, 5.5" JVC rears
    - Sub & 4 channel Jaycar Amp

    - wb02 pro logging wideband included for full asking price
    - spare engine with turbo, SC & most plumbing included for full asking price

    Price: $6k ono

    Rego: NSW Registration till end of October

    Insurance: With Shannons, around $650p/a (as a guide)

    reason for selling:
    Had a few changes at work, i don't want to destroy it by doing the boring day to day traffic duties to the city and back, AND i don't want to leave it parked on the street in the city, its way to good for that.

    If i could afford a daily and this for special occasions i definitely would, but can't really justify the expense.

    No time wasters please, do your research before calling. Very unique car that gets heaps of positive attention from car lovers and very little from the police. A good combination!


    More Pics:

  2. looks a lot like a Pulsar turbo of the same era, though not many of those left around. looks alright for a hatch. Good luck for the sale.
  3. yeah its a fair bit smaller in the flesh! uses some similar parts and spec'd way better than an ET
  4. You're selling the March?!?!?! Nooooo!

    12 months ago I would have bought it for the missus - much more entertaining than the Barina, for similar money!

    Oh well, good luck with it... What's next on the project list?
  5. few new pics

  6. Good luck with the sale, guys. That'd be such a fun and unique car to own. :)
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  8. reminds me of my old Mk1 Gti. would love to buy it but $ is not there. good luck with it
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