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FS New leather Jacket and vest

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Takamii, May 31, 2011.

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    Hi there

    I have been doing some more design and prototyping of leather jackets

    This is the latest - however it was supposed to be for my measurements and and error has been made

    It is a 2XL size as is the vest

    I wear a vest over the jacket in winter as the second layer of leather stops the cold Canberra air and wind 100% without compramising your ability to move your arms etc and not having to be overly bulked up with layers under the jacket

    The leather is 1.3 mm cowhide and finished in a matt black - its not shiny - if it appears to be its because of the flash on the camera there is in built shoulder, elbow and back protector as well as external metal shoulder protection. The jacket also has a removable inner liner - 4 external pockets but no zipper to attach to leather pants

    Those that have met me know I am tall at 187cm, broad across the chest/shoulders and weigh in at 110kg - this jacket is a little short for me on length for my liking - I would suggest it is best suited for someone 180cm and under

    Th jacket and vest is a little to big around the stomach area for me - to much room and a bit loose in that area

    The arms are long enough though for a person my height

    If your a larger male with some extra padding around the middle section but 180cm and below this would most likely fit you a lot better than it does me.

    price is $200 for both items combined pick up and an extra $20 for express postage if it needs to be mailed to you


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  2. and the vest

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