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Fs-melb-suzuki-rmx250-road registerable dirt bike

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by damo03, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. For sale is my 2000 RMX250 2 stroke.

    It's been a great bike and I am only the second owner. Selling due to not having any time to ride offroad anymore. The beauty of these bikes is that they can be fully road registered and ridden on the road. It's great off road, with more usable grunt than racing two strokes and a surprising amount of torque down low for those steep hill climbs. It is a great bike and as fast as the WR250's and quite similar in torque to the older KTM 300 2 strokes. It breaks my heart to sell her, but it will be better for someone to rider her more than the two times a year I do. It's light for single trail while having the grunt of a 400 4stroke.The perfect combination. other riders have ridden this and commented on the ease of which this bike can be ridden. It was my first dirt bike and I'll miss her dearly.

    Also comes with:
    Pro Circuit Aftermarket Exhaust Pipe (for extra grunt)
    Twin Air - Air Filter (for grunt and protecting the air intake)
    Braided front Brake line (provides great stopping power and removes spongy feel)
    Wossner piston and rings replaced 500km ago (recommended by bike mechanics)
    Full rebuild including bottom end bearings (they were known for seizing these with the stock bearings)
    Crank was seperated and inspected - verdict was NO wear and no need for replacing.
    Barkbusters to protect your hands on singletrack
    DRZ400 kickstart as the stock ones are weak
    Top bag for tools
    Polaris / Acerbis front headlight
    Full road reg gear (indicators and brake tail piece)
    Near New Chain and Sprockets
    New Rear Brake Pads (to be fitted - can do this for sale although a little life left in the old ones yet)
    Bash plate

    Bike was never raced, and the only cosmetic damage is a couple of dents on the expansion pipe (no holes though) and some marks on the rear gaurd and right barkbuster when the bike fell off the trailer due to a snapped ratchet. Other than that it's general wear from a dirt bike. Always serviced religiously and maintained. Could do with a new sticker kit for the plastics, but these are highly subjective so the new owner can get their own off ebay.

    A great reliable bike (This was demonstrated when it started 4th kick after not running for 3 months last week. This was on Stale fuel too!)

    Asking $2800 ONO

    PM here or call 0409 952 076

    Pics :
  2. man im keen to try the dirt and this looks in pretty good nick. just bought my upgrade though so absolutely no cash :(

    good luck with it! :)
  3. If this was a 400 it would have sold. I'm not keen on the 2 strokes, and I'm not sure a 250 would be capable of pulling me along at a reasonable speed (130kgs).

    Hmmmm. How much rec reg is left on it?
  4. I rekin it could carry you no worries. Only you would have to give it a bit more throttle up hills. She will do 150kph on stock gearing with a 85kg rider and gear. It's geared down for snotty hills so she happily cruises on 90 all day...or can go to about 130kph tops.

    I haven't paid the latest rec rego but If I paid it tomorrow (which I could do for $65 but I don't ride it) it will last till december 20th. I have about 3 weeks left to pay the rego before it needs to go into vic roads to get rec rego'd again...no RWC needed tho. Just check the lights etc.

    Or get a RWC and full rego it for some wheelie fun on the roads and burn off the cars in a cloud of 2 stroke

    I bought a genuine set of rear brake pads $50 for it but when i took the rear pads off they still have a bit left so i put the old ones back in. The buyer can have the new set though.

    Price is Neg
  5. Price drop! $2600
  6. Long been sold.
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