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FS Melb - CBR929RR cheap Fireblade road bike or track/stunt bike fixxer $2000

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by FireRed, Oct 5, 2010.

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  1. I'm selling my 2000 model 929. It is a beast of a bike and i love it, but i don't have time/money for it at the moment. I had a stack a while ago so here are the details. It would be a great track bike or could be road-registered without a problem with a few extra parts if you don't mind some scratches. Or you could spend $600 on a new set of fairings and $400 getting the tank repainted and it would look great.


    The good:
    Goes 280kph :D
    Electronic fuel injection
    Upside-down forks
    Engine and transmission is A1
    Has a power commander 3 USB
    Hyper pro steering dampner
    Good tyres -Front BT014, rear is a near-new BT002 (190 wide :D )
    Pazzo(copy)adjustable brake lever
    Good tail fairings
    Custom undertail
    Seats in perfect cond.
    Brake discs and pads good
    Tinted windscreen
    Geelong carbon craft carbon fiber molded tank protector
    Clean title- never been a written off or repairable write-off.
    New chain and sprockets( -1T front sprocket)
    Comes with Genuine Honda tool kit.

    Comes with a black front guard in perfect nick

    I Have a spare brand new genuine Honda LH engine cover. ~$200 worth
    I have a new set of Frame sliders for it, never used.
    I also have a Ventura rack in perfect cond.

    The bad:
    Minor scratches on frame
    dented swing arm - prob need replacing -$100 US ebay including postage
    Needs Clip-ons -$100 US ebay including postage
    Needs nose cone and side fairings. (or just a full fiberglass race fairings set is $400, i know cos i sold a set 6 months ago.)

    If you wanted to add a headlight and mirrors and LH switch block to that it would be a perfectly good road bike but not wouldn't win any beauty pageants.

    Im just after $2000 for a quick sale.

    Basically for a little bit of effort you get -
    $2600 for a lightning fast track bike.
    $3000 for a perfectly good but not pretty Fireblade road-bike
    $3600 for a Fireblade with new fairings and tank paint, but with some minor scratches on the frame.

  2. Forgot to mention, the the muffler is dented but only needs to be replaced if you want it to be pretty. Carbon fiber mufflers are on ebay for $185 including postage.
  3. hey mate, where bouts are you/the bike located?

    been keeping my eye out for a bike like this.. bit of a fixer upper to learn some stuff on :)
  4. Im in hawthorn, you are welcome to come around and have a look :)
  5. Do you know if the frame is bent or cracked anywhere - have you had it checked!?

    How many km's has it done also & do you have stuff like the headlight, indicators, etc. to get it back on the road or is that an extra the buyer would have to look into!?

    Just trying to do my sums of time & money against buying one, or something else like it already in one piece.


    **EDIT** Just read the last bit again & spotted the lights, etc.

    PM Sent!
  6. Seems like it needs a new front shock by the looks of the 2nd photo
  7. Answer:

  8. This made me' lol for some reason! :p

    Msg send btw!
  9. soldsoldsoldsoldsold
  10. Done deal! Nice doing business with you! ;)
  11. Nice pick-up G_T, will make a screamer of a track bike, or are you planning on getting it back on the road?
  12. Gonna track it for now, we'll see what happens down the road sometime, may get it re-rego'd!

    Should be a fun little project, nothing too hard by the look of it as long as there aren't too many little surprises... I'll be happy!
  13. Lol dont know how i missed that... i was also interested in the bike. Good luck with it
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