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FS: [melb] 1989 CBR250R LAMS

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by lsr, Jan 4, 2010.

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  1. I've finally come to the conclusion that as a guitarist I need a form of transport that I can cart around a guitar amplifier with, so I'm reluctantly going to sell my baby.

    1988 Honda CBR250R
    Black and Grey
    24k on the clock
    Excellent mechanical condition
    Good physical condition, couple of paint chips, 1 small crack in lower fairing, small graze on engine cover apparently from a stationary fall by first owner.

    I'm the third Australian owner, I bought it from a 30yo guy who used it for his probationary period then let it sit in a shed. He had it serviced every 4000k's.

    I looked around for a good CBR for ages, this was the best one I could find mechanically. To me they're more interesting than cb's and zzr's, the fairings make for a nicer ride than naked bikes and it's more comfortable than other superbike style 250's (low seat height, more seated upright position). Handles freeways with ease, 100km@9000rpm, redlines around 19000rpm, but I've never had it over 12000rpm.

    Starts every time, never had a trouble with it (save me finding out that when a mechanic services it he drains the fuel tank and doesn't put all the fuel back in). Doesn't lose any fluids, doesn't have any flat spots. This was the bike I looked for so I wouldn't have to find another for 5 years.

    Tyres, chain, sprockets < 500k old.

    Registration until 18 dec 2010, RWC included.

    Located in Fitzroy North.

    Photo's to come.

    Price $4200 ono
  2. Sorry about the delay getting pictures up.

    Click for bigger pictures.

    Since I first listed the bike, a friend walked into it and cracked the fairing in front of the front brake, has been repaired but you can still see the crack.

    Price drop to $3999





  3. DlKATl.

    more pics available on request
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.