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FS: GS500F (Wollongong)

Discussion in 'Archived' started by ginji, Apr 26, 2010.

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  1. For Sale is my old and trusty GS500F.

    It's an 05 model, and has 93,264 KM on the ODO. Actual KM on the engine is lower, around 55,000 KM iirc, I'll get a more accurate number when I go through the service records. I bought this bike new in November 05

    I'm currently in the process of replacing the rear shock and rebuiilding the front forks, as well as a general inspection of all the bearings and those sort of things. As such it's not available immediately, but should be ready in a couple of weeks depending on how much time it takes me. With this work done there shouldn't be much else to do on it other than normal servicing for quite some time. And I'm waiting for a work collegue to supply me the parts he damaged when he reversed into the bike at work :censored:

    Mechanically the bike is in good condition, burns very little oil. Oil has always been replaced every 6,000km with a new filter each time. It's been fed a healthy stream of Motul 5100 for all of it's life.

    Cosmetically there are a number of scratches on the fairings from use (and a couple of standing drops from when I was learning on it). I'll get some photos up later this week.

    Comes with:

    Ventura Rack with full rack and grab handle (No bags)
    Manuals, and original two keys.
    Haynes Service and Repair Manual - the new one that covers the changes when Suzuki introduced the faired version of the GS.

    I'm asking $4,500 negotiable.

    My mechanic also has a wrecked GS500 (non faired) that is also available for purchase - He'd like $1,000 for that - engine, tyres, wheels, front shocks all in good order, it has the dodgy rear shock from my GS on it, and the intrumentation has been ripped off.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.