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FS/EOI: 2000 Honda CBR 929 RR Fireblade Project - Race or Register

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Grumpy_Trumpy, Sep 21, 2011.

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  1. Up for sale is a project I bought about a year

    Make/Model: 2000 Honda CBR 929 RR

    Price: $3500 firm as is, with all of the bits and pieces I have to complete it. Would prefer to sell everything as a whole as I won't have any use for leftover parts.

    Description: I have owned it since October of last year.

    Price is firm, as stated - inspections are welcome, just contact me first to tee up a suitable time.

    These are the items it will come with/specs as of when I bought the bike:
    - Electronic Fuel Injection
    - Engine & Transmission are A1
    - Replaced Forks
    - Power Commander USB 3
    - Hyper Pro Steering damper
    - Yoshimura exhaust (dented but read below)
    - Good tyres - Front BT014, rear BT002 (190 wide) with plenty of tread
    - Pazzo(copy)adjustable brake lever
    - Very good condition seats
    - Custom undertail - with integrated taillight/blinkers
    - Brake discs and pads good
    - Tinted windscreen
    - Geelong carbon craft carbon fiber molded tank protector
    - New chain and sprockets( -1T front sprocket)
    - New Genuine Honda LH Engine cover w/gasket.
    - New frame sliders - never fitted.
    - Comes with Genuine Honda tool kit.
    - Clean title - was never written off as the guy didn't have insurance.

    Wouldn't need anything special other than a RWC and a half decent job on the fairings and you'd have a great bike for the streets. You could always sell off the road parts that I've bought and convert it for the track - which is still an option I am considering and always was from day one. The only thing that changed this was the range of parts that I found as well as just how well it has cleaned up, almost too good to risk on the track.

    Since then, I have purchased a whole set of fairings - the nose piece and one side panel needs some repairs.

    Other items that I have collected since I've had it, they are:
    - Brand new clip-ons and grips.
    - Straight front rim and had the rear straightened/rerolled - I was told the original front rim couldn't be done so I just sourced another one. All 3 will be included, the buckled front rim still held air though when it had a tire on it.
    - Straight front fairing stay
    - VERY straight and clean tank (Red) with just a few scratches in the clear through the Honda sticker, barely noticeable.
    - NEW fairing bolt kit
    - FULL Honda Gresini sticker kit with Simoncelli's #58.
    - Rear Hugger - needs little fibre glass patch & then paint.
    - Top triple clamp
    - BRAND NEW Bottom triple clamp/stem
    - NEW stem bearings
    - Swingarm
    - Headlight
    - Brand New/Genuine taillight housing - needs globe holders
    - full length under tray (original was cut to suit the custom under tail
    - Ventura Rack bars - needs cross bar for the top. (I bought these afterwards, not the from the original seller so they were never an included item)

    In my eyes it doesn't need much to finish it. If it's not gone by my uni holidays in november, I will finish it as I'll have 4 months up my sleeve!

    Things that need doing to finish it:
    - Paint/Fit - Fairings, Hugger
    - Tank
    - Rims (have already been stripped)
    - Front fairing stay
    - New chain link (a few dollars & a hole punch & dolley or trailer it to your local shop and get them to do it in a few seconds.)
    - taillight needs bulb holders & re-wired back into the loom.
    - fit headlight
    - Fluids are very clean, oil & coolant look as fresh as the day they came out of the bottle.

    Things I've done since owning it:
    - Fit triple clamps with new bearings and races.
    - Polish part of replacement swing arm, re-grease bearings and fit.
    - Polish part of the frame where there were scratches from the accident.
    - straightened rear wheel and stripped both ready for paint.
    - shortened and repaired the Yoshi exhaust - just needs welding of the inner cone and then riveting back together.

    I'm sure there may be a few other little things, but essentially all this bike needs now is mostly paint/bodywork. If you wanted to sell off all the road stuff I have sourced and just buy some track fairings, you'd have it together in a weekend!

    I will not budge on the price, I know that it needs VERY little to get going. It owes me a bit more than what I'm asking but I'm prepared to lose out a little in order to save myself some more time on it. The only reason I'm selling it is that I wouldn't mind a bit of a break from all of the cars/bikes/constant wallet emptying habits they tend to have. As you may/may not have seen, my daily ride is also for sale for similar reasons.

    Contact: PM or send me a text 0411 691 881 (best to text as I'm fairly busy and have a crazy uni timetable so I will call you back the first chance I get as I also rarely answer to numbers I don't know - sick of telemarketers targeting my bloody mobile too!!)

    Location: VIC, Melbourne Southern Suburbs.

    Shipping: I'd be happy to help out with shipping anywhere around Aus, with the buyer organising it at their end and covering all of the relative costs.

    PHOTOS!!! FlickR Photo-set - I will take a few photos of how the bike is sitting at the moment when I get a chance next. Pretty much on a stand without the fairings or either of the wheels on.

    Video of it running - http://www.flickr.com/photos/dannybrig/6169604846/in/photostream
    Have it had it started a few times here and there. It's a bit of a process filling/draining the tank & charging the battery every time to do so!

    GT (Daniel)
  2. i remember just missing out to this when you bought it last year... possibly interested.
  3. I've done quite a bit since then and done the hard part of sourcing all the bits and pieces. It wouldn't bother me if it DIDN'T sell - it would just mean I can get stuck into working on my car over the uni break instead of on the bike(s) which I'm trying to steer clear of for a little while. (Just losing a bit of interest in them for the moment - haven't had the time to enjoy them properly)

  4. haha fair enough.

    as i said, interested, but atm, not sure if ill still have a job by christmas (boss is getting no work) so probably best not to buy another bike... then again perhaps its the perfect time :p
  5. Haha well assuming you (or someone else is interested) can afford it NOW, then I'd definitely say you'd get by! All of the parts are pretty much there. If you weren't too handy yourself, the most money you'd end up spending is a bit of labour here and there. I'm at uni with NO job & I've managed to cope slowly.


  6. BUMP it up... holidays coming up soon and I would rather enjoy them than spend time on this, looks like it's going to be a top summer! ;)
  7. No longer for sale!! Passed on the STriple R to the brother which leaves with me plenty of funds to get by and also to finish this off! As planned, it will be finished in track and street trim and as per PRE-Simo's passing, kitted out in the San Carlo Gresini livery!! Can't wait!

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