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FS - Dainese 1pc Leather Suit Size 52 - Excellent condition

Discussion in 'Archived' started by slipangle, Aug 17, 2010.

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  1. Dainese 1pc suite size 52 (for reference, I'm 5 ft 9/10, 70kgs)

    * SOLD *

    - back protector
    - shoulder armour
    - elbow armour
    - knee armour
    - shin armour

    Excellent condition, used around 5 times!, no damage and has spent most of it's time in a cupboard!.

    Can ship Australia wide for $10.

    Please PM me for further details or more pics (post only allows 3 attachments)

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  2. How does it fit on you? I ask cos i'm 5'11/6'0 and 85kgs.
  3. It fits maybe just a smidgen loose on me (if you like it snug and fitting). I think with your measurements it might be a bit tight when upright. Feels very different standing and riding (obviously designed to be comfortable in the crouch position).

    You're welcome to come and try if you like or try size 52 at the local store beforehand to check.
  4. Sorry mate tried a 52 and its too small... i'd need a 54. :(
  5. Looks great mate - Where abouts are you id love to try it on.
  6. I'll second sheeth! Can never have too many sets of leathers! Where abouts are you and why are you selling!?

  7. I'm in Southbank,...

    Reason for selling is that I'm now bike-less and the suit will get no use (not that it got much use when I did have a bike!) - it was originally purchased years ago to do track days in, but I had only been to 2 events and the odd road ride with it and since then have not done any events so has been hanging in the cupboard.
  8. Thanks mate - great price and great chat. Thanks again
  9. No worries. Have fun at those events!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.