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FS : Adel : All..helmets, boot, jacket, pants, etc.

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Liq, Sep 11, 2009.

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  1. **Prices coming up soon, grabbing receipts, pictures, sizes****
    Adel only, 0432 149 935.
    All gear used for 2x months only.

    Gears at my other house, hard to get to tonight.
    If i dont put this ad up now I never will.

    Okay, so, need some equipment for a career upgrade.
    I really, really don't want to sell this stuff.
    I wont be getting a bike untill I can afford it again,
    and I wont be able to afford it again unless I do this upgrade.
    Which I'd rather do sooner than later. Ergo, the price is the price.

    1x Pants.
    -Dririder style, waterproof, removable quilted liner.
    - CE Armoured. Massive zips + velcro securing. Pockets. Rear loop.

    1x Dririder RallyCross EVO jacket.
    -Came with the upgrade, internal CE2 armour (foam) , External CE armour (hard), foam back protector.
    -Water bladder.
    -Removable quilted and waterproof liners.

    1x Alpinestars SMX boots, white/black.
    -Solid, comfortable, white/black.
    Stands out.

    1x RST gloves , free glove liners.

    1x Shark evoline, limited edition helmet.
    Yes, it was dropped from a height of about half an inch, which scuffed the
    paint a tiny bit on top but no damage otherwise. Shoei themselves say a
    helmet falling from seat height should be fine if there was nothing inside
    it (like your head) for the foam to crush against.

    -only modular helmet that locks open/closed
    -integrated visor
    -Sell new near on $1k...bargain price to be posted soon.


  2. It's the rules to post a price or remove the ad.
    You cannot do a "tbc" sort of post.
    Please follow the rules of sale.
    Thank you.
  3. And um, how about some sizes?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.