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[FS] 2005 Sachs 650 (Suzuki DR650) Roadster Adelaide

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Chris P, Dec 3, 2010.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    For sale is my beloved Sachs 650 Roadster. Its a Suzuki DR650 for the road.

    $5500 ONO

    Only used weekends.

    Always garaged.

    Comfortable riding position.

    Lots of torque.

    Quality German Built Bike.

    Bullet Proof Suzuki DR650 Engine.

    Low Km's

    In A1 Excellent condition, never missed a beat.

    Always well maintained and serviced by workshop.

    Comes with Owners Manual and Tool Kit and spare key

    Brand new front and rear tyres.

    Brand new brake pads.

    Reg until April 2011.

    Bike can be viewed by arrangement.






    The Sachs 650 Roadster has featured on these forums before and received only positive reviews. Reason for sale - purchased an R1.

    $5,500 ONO All reasonable offers will be considered


    Chris 0410502713 ttanm5@hotmail.com
  2. Great looking bike mate. Best of luck with your sale :)
  3. Thank you Nickers 330, nice avatar :)

    To this point the selling process has left me weary, worn out, tired.

    I've had interstate dealerships wanting to buy the bike insult me over price.

    I've had buyers play me off against other sellers asking me frequently what my best price is as the other seller fobbed them off and the bargain they were chasing was sold and I have to get a new quote for shipping interstate.

    I've had buyers say that they will turn up and I take time off work to be home and they and don't rock up, and its happened so many times I don't ring up anymore to ask whats happened.

    I've had a buyer that "calls the shots" and wants delivery before I receive any money.

    I actually think a sticky thread should be put up, not buyer beware, but seller's rants.

    I also forgot to mention the dozen or so fraudulent sms' I've received from international numbers quoting a yahoo or gmail account promising an immediate purchase.

    All I'd really like is an Adelaide buyer to turn up with cash or a bank cheque and purchase the bike and enjoy it....cause it really is a magnificent bike. All my trail bike riding friends love it

    I can't understand why all the interest has been from interstate.

    Oh well, I take my hat off to the thick skinned professional sales people who sell stuff for a living. I salute you
  4. Mate, it sounds like you're doing all the right things - don't allow the actions of the insincere/arrogant/inconsiderate deter you from your sale.
    I have sold several bikes to date and I concur with you, it certainly is a laborious task at times.
    Chin up and keep the faith bro - the right person hasn't come yet, that's all. You'll sell her, coz she's a looker (y)
  5. I had one of these in blue too - only ever saw another black version around Melbourne - they're a real head turner in the flesh. The LaFranconi exhaust is ****ing beautiful! One of the best sounding pipes around imo. Good luck with the sale - I assume you have tried ebay? Such a comfortable bike and yours looks in great condition, good luck!
  6. Hello Cheeba,

    Yes the sound of the exhaust especially after is warmed up is great. I tried ebay and found a buyer after my classified ad ended.

    BIKE SOLD!!! HOORAY!!! Bring on the R1.
  7. **SOLD** 2005 Sachs 650 (Suzuki DR650) Roadster Adelaide

    Hello Cheeba,

    Yes truly an amazing exhaust note.

    Hooray! I've sold the bike!...a little give and take and a little patience and a happy buyer and seller.

    The Sachs 650 will be resident in WA.
  8. Well done Chris P !!!
    This thread will now be closed.
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