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FS: 2000 Honda CBR 929 RR Fireblade Project - Race or Register

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Grumpy_Trumpy, Jun 5, 2012.

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  1. Up for sale is a project I bought about a bit over a year ago now. Need/want it gone as it's just collecting dust and for other personal reasons.

    Make/Model: 2000 Honda CBR 929 RR

    Price: $3500 obo with all of the bits and pieces I have to complete it. Would prefer to sell everything as a whole as I won't have any use for leftover parts.

    Description: I have owned it since October of 2010.

    Price is negotiable. Anything reasonable offer will be considered as I would like it gone sooner rather than later - inspections are welcome, just contact me first to tee up a suitable time.

    These are the items it will come with/specs as of when I bought the bike:
    - Electronic Fuel Injection
    - Engine & Transmission are A1
    - Replaced Forks
    - Power Commander USB 3
    - Hyper Pro Steering damper
    - Yoshimura exhaust (dented but read below)
    - Good tyres - Front BT014, rear BT002 (190 wide) with plenty of tread
    - Pazzo(copy)adjustable brake lever
    - Very good condition seats
    - Custom undertail - with integrated taillight/blinkers
    - Brake discs and pads good
    - Tinted windscreen
    - Geelong carbon craft carbon fiber molded tank protector
    - New chain and sprockets( -1T front sprocket)
    - New Genuine Honda LH Engine cover w/gasket.
    - New frame sliders - never fitted.
    - Comes with Genuine Honda tool kit.
    - Clean title - was never written off as the guy didn't have insurance.

    Wouldn't need anything special other than a RWC and a half decent job on the fairings and you'd have a great bike for the streets. You could always sell off the road parts that I've bought and convert it for the track - which is still an option I am considering and always was from day one. The only thing that changed this was the range of parts that I found as well as just how well it has cleaned up, almost too good to risk on the track.

    Since then, I have purchased a whole set of fairings - the nose piece and one side panel needs some repairs.

    Other items that I have collected since I've had it, they are:
    - Brand new clip-ons and grips.
    - Straight front rim and had the rear straightened/rerolled - I was told the original front rim couldn't be done so I just sourced another one. All 3 will be included, the buckled front rim still held air though when it had a tire on it.
    - Straight front fairing stay
    - VERY straight and clean tank (Red) with just a few scratches in the clear through the Honda sticker, barely noticeable.
    - NEW fairing bolt kit
    - FULL Honda Gresini sticker kit with Simoncelli's #58.
    - Rear Hugger - needs little fibre glass patch & then paint.
    - Top triple clamp
    - BRAND NEW Bottom triple clamp/stem
    - NEW head stem bearings
    - Swingarm (extensively polished)
    - Headlight
    - Inner fairing pieces.
    - replacement light switch
    - Brand New/Genuine taillight housing - have globe housings, just need loom connectors as these were cut off by whoever fitted the tail kit.
    - full length under tray (original was cut to suit the custom under tail
    - Ventura Rack bars - needs cross bar for the top.

    In my eyes, it doesn't need much at all to finish it off. As with any project and/or lack of money to fund it, I'd rather it go to someone else than sit here accumulating dust.

    Things that need doing to finish it:
    - Paint/Fit - Fairings, Hugger
    - Tank (optional, could leave as it is and match fairings to suit the colour)
    - Rims have already been stripped - will include gunmetal grey metallic paint - I had this mixed up and was going to respray them with this.
    - New chain link (a few dollars & a hole punch & dolley or trailer it to your local shop and get them to do it in a few seconds.)
    - taillight needs to be re-wired back into the loom.
    - fit headlight - loom is complete with all lamp holders, etc.
    - Fluids are very clean, oil & coolant look as fresh as the day they came out of the bottle.

    Things I've done since owning it:
    - Fit triple clamps with new bearings and races.
    - Polish part of replacement swing arm, re-grease bearings and fit.
    - Polish part of the frame where there were scratches from the accident.
    - straightened rear wheel and stripped both ready for paint.
    - shortened and repaired the Yoshi exhaust - just needs welding of the inner cone and then riveting back together.

    I'm sure there may be a few other little things, but essentially all this bike needs now is mostly paint/bodywork. If you wanted to sell off all the road stuff I have sourced and just buy some track fairings, you'd have it together in a weekend!

    I know that it needs VERY little to get going. It owes me a bit more than what I'm asking but I'm prepared to lose out a little in order to save myself some more time on it. The only reason I'm selling it is that I wouldn't mind a bit of a break from all of the cars/bikes/constant wallet emptying habits they tend to have. My daily ride will also be for sale for similar reasons - I just need a break from it all. All of the hard stuff has been sourced, it just needs to be put together by someone with the time and interest I no longer have. If any offers are close to the asking price, I will also throw in a brand new (& slightly larger) battery.

    Contact: PM or send me a text 0411 691 881. Best to text as I'm fairly busy and have a crazy uni timetable so I will call you back the first chance I get.

    Location: VIC, Melbourne Southern Suburbs.

    Shipping: I'd be happy to help out with shipping anywhere around Aus, with the buyer organising it at their end and covering all of the relative costs.

    PHOTOS!!! FlickR Photo-set - I will take a few photos of how the bike is sitting at the moment when I get a chance next. Pretty much on a stand without the fairings or either of the wheels on.

    Video of it running - http://www.flickr.com/photos/dannybrig/6169604846/in/photostream
    Have it had it started a few times here and there. It's a bit of a process filling/draining the tank & charging the battery every time to do so!

    GT (Daniel)
  2. If I had the money I'd consider this.

    Good luck with sale!
  3. Thanks Pezza. Will definitely entertain reasonable offers. Owes me a bit more than the asking price but I have to be realistic and know that I won't get all of that back - it's been a fun little project anyway so that's worth something to me! :p

  4. Time to putit up again? haha.

    same as last time... if i had the money...
  5. It's nearly been a year! You should have been saving!! :p

    All things perfect, I wish I could keep it, but there's a time when you just got to let go! (along with the Trumpy!)
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