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FS: 2 x AGV ROSSI Helmets - As good as new

Discussion in 'Archived' started by mcouldrey, Jun 9, 2011.

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    The second is a AGV Ti-Tech Gothic Helmet worn a handful of times, and again has no damage or signs of wear. Size is M/L 57-58. comes with tinted visor. Helmet is Australian Standard approved
    The rear of the helmet has a very small area where its slightly faded. Its at the top right of the VR in yellow. It also has a few small white dots where it has touched the wall whilst on display.

    both comes with agv boxes.

    $310 plus postage

    Located near Wagga Wagga

    AGV Gothic Ti-Tech

  2. do you own a bike shop?
    So many things for sale!!!!!
  3. I wish! Just clearing out some things that go unused! And trying to pay for more bike mods!
  4. My momma always told me not to buy a second hand helmet...
  5. Just keep quiet if you are not interested.

    If you feel strongly about used helmet, start your own thread to talk about it.

    No need to BS around in other people's for sale thread.
  6. Calm the fuck down, Mario - it's topical...
  7. I'm calm alright.

    It's common courtesy.
  8. Fuck if you hadn't said it, I would..
    On with the sale
  9. fook that is a sexy helmet wish i didnt buy a second one recently
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.