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FS: 1995 Suzuki GSX250F Across

Discussion in 'Archived' started by phongus, Apr 6, 2010.

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  1. FS: 1995 Suzuki GSX250F Across PRICE DROP $2000

    Hello everyone.

    Due to crashing my race bike recently, I need to get funds together to be able to get back on the track...so my road bike needs to go.

    Originally it was going to be fixed before sale, for knowledge and easement of sale. However circumstances have changed and it I think it is better out on the road rather than collecting dust. It is not registered and won't have a roadworthy certificate.

    The bike in question is a Silver 1995 Suzuki Across, which I bought as my first bike in October 2007. At the time of purchase, it had about 53000km on the odometer and currently sits on 62825km, so it has seen about 5000km a year. It is an excellent learner bike and has a great storage compartment, good enough to fit half a slab of beer ;). It's big enough to fit my helmet, so quiet useful if you don't want to carry the helmet around. Upon getting the bike home, the battery died on me, so I replaced the battery and haven't had any issues with it since. All electrics work fine and bike starts fine on choke every morning, on some colder days it may take a couple of tries. Engine idles fine and revs out happily and fuel consumption seems to be okay (6 or 7L/100km). It is a pretty fun bike to ride around, especially through drive-thru maccas or KFC and seeing the employees faces :). I have given it 2 services while I had it, both times with fresh oil and oil filter. Replaced spark plugs once recently.

    Now for the bad things on the bike. Bike has been dropped 3 times by myself, oddly enough, all while parked. First time indicator kind of broke, the lens cover is held on by one screw at the moment. Second time only a bar end got a scratch when I was sandwiched between it and the driveway. Third time my dad reversed into it causing scratches, a broken lever and foot peg...all fixed now, besides scratches.

    Bike also has scratches on the right side which was there from previous owner and a broken plastics bit on the tail (refer to picture) due to the bag rack not clearing it. Front left fork is leaking, most likely just a seal replacement. Chain and sprockets may need replacing, however I haven't had any issues with it, always lubricated and tension checked...I don't know how old the chain is. Indicator switch is missing the button since I bought it, so only a piece metal bit sticks out (button sits on it), isn't really annoying if you are wearing gloves. Left mirror is missing a washer...so when going too fast when not tightened enough, the mirror actually folds in. Tyres have squared off due to a lot of highway commuting, I have tried doing slaloms on the highway/road to round them off, but with no luck :(. Plenty of meat on them surprisingly. There are some fairing bolts missing due to vibrations...I just replaced them too, so I still have the older fairing bolts which have a bit of rust in them.

    I have had issues with the gearbox sometimes (especially when hot) in hitting false neutral between second and third and sometimes 4th and 5th. Not sure if it was a clutch problem or a linkage or something internal. I'm not very mechanically minded when it comes to gearboxes. An oil change did help it a little though.

    I haven't done any modifications to the bike, so stock standard as far as I know. Bike has been on the track once and was pretty fun even though it putted along quiet slowly around Broadford.

    Bike will be sold as is, comes with a bag rack (not sure if it's Ventura branded) and bag, spare set of levers, Oxford Titan disc lock and spare fairing screws.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Price has been dropped. $2000

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