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FS: 1984/5 Honda XR250RE - Twin carb. $$$CHEAP$$$

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Grumpy_Trumpy, Sep 21, 2011.

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  1. Make/Model: 84/85 Honda XR250RE - Twin Carb model.

    Price: $1000 obo. Please no silly low-ball offers like $100-200 as some people have tried.

    Description: For sale is my late 80's (THIS IS IN FACT AN 84/85 MODEL AS THEY WERE THE ONLY YEARS THE TWIN CARB 250's WERE MADE!!!) Model Honda XR 250 RE. I bough this a couple of years ago for about $1300 (have receipt) and simply haven't had the time to get out and ride it. It had trouble starting at one stage and I took it in for a full service and tune up. At this time, it had the CDI and coils rewound and has been sitting ever since. This cost $600+ and I have the receipt as proof. I've only managed to take it out for a ride twice in the time I've had it.

    It starts extremely easy with the decompression lever to help out, but once it gets warm, it takes a few good kicks to fire it back up again. It blows a bit of smoke when idling but still pulls nice and strong. Suspect it may need some rings down the line but for what it's worth, it'll go like this for much longer without having to spend too much on it. The brakes work, but the front has leaked out and will need a bleed. The headlight works and I have indicators to come with it if you were to road register it. The tires also have plenty of life in them. The main thing I can see that would need replacing is the rear shock as it's completely gone, it bounces like a pogo stick!! Other than this, it is what it is and does the job just fine for the price.

    Any questions, feel free to send me a PM or text message. I try to be honest with everything I sell, in saying this, I am no mechanic but have a decent knowledge of most things mechanical. However, I do advise that inspections are welcome so that you can pass your own judgement and help to make your decision.

    My loss is your gain, I am simply cutting my losses as it sits around not being used - this would make the perfect runaround rec-regd bike (my intended purpose) or it has plenty of parts for your existing XR 250/400 OR even a good base to bring back up to scratch with a few parts.

    Contact: PM or send me a text 0411 691 881 (best to text as I'm fairly busy and have a crazy uni timetable so I will call you back the first chance I get as I also rarely answer to numbers I don't know - sick of telemarketers targeting my bloody mobile too!!)

    Location: VIC, Melbourne Southern Suburbs.

    Shipping: I'd be happy to help out with shipping anywhere around Aus, with the buyer organising it at their end and covering all of the relative costs.


    Just click the links, I don't know how to embed FlickR photos.

    GT (Daniel)
  2. Any takers!? Has been put on ebay with a starting price of $750, no reserve.
  3. Will entertain offers... Again please don't low ball me, if you're serious and make a decent offer, I'll more than likely move it on.

  4. Anybody... just collecting dust! Help me pay for part of my uni fees next year! :p

  5. Hmmm, you don't want to lower your price? Maybe people are too scared to low ball you haha
  6. $500 and I'll come get it in the morning?
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  7. Now that the spirit!
  8. Definitely open to offers. Was going to say any decent offer above half (no, not $500.05!) :p will be considered. As said earlier, the service and coil packs set me back $600 alone and the bike in parts is worth more than that so do the math. I'll take anything around the $700 mark, preferably not too much lower. For what's it's worth, it's not taking up any space and doesn't need to be moved.

  9. Did you ever sell this thing Grumpy ?
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