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FS: 1981 Mazda 626 Coupe - Very clean!

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Grumpy_Trumpy, Sep 21, 2011.

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  1. For sale: 1981 Mazda 626 Coupe
    Item Condition: Very good condition, car was a one owner before I bought it, and had been off the road for 8 years with all of the rego being paid up until just before I bought it (hence their sale).
    Price and price conditions: $3500 w/ stock wheels and steering wheel, $4500 with Simmons wheels and momo steering wheel. Will not take offers, this is what it owes me over the short period of time I've had it, so don't tell me there is depreciation, etc. etc. Both prices include the brand new battery and full stereo unit.
    Extra Info: As stated, the car is immaculate, I was recently asked if it was for sale which has put the idea in my head, hence EOI. I won't sell it if the right price isn't offered.

    Rather than start with it's best points (which is the whole car), I'm going to outline the OBVIOUS things to me and any discerning buyers. In terms of rust, it has nothing structural. The only bits of rust in it are either side of the scuttle/wiper panel in between it and the guards which is surface only as the paint is thin in it's (original) old age. It has a few very minor dents here and there and some clear flaking off the rear guard and front panel. Other than that, as stated already, this car is immaculate. Solid floors, rails, doors, etc. etc.!!! A description isn't worth much so all I can advise is that you come and have a look at the car for yourself. Immaculate interior with an uncracked dash. If this is in your price range and it's what you are after, it's a very honest and clean car. I have the original purchase receipts as well as the paid (unused) rego labels and any/all service history that comes with it. There is also a Mazda 626 Service manual that I will throw in as well as a big box of spares that includes a roof lining, NEW seat covers, some random interior parts, 2 very good sets of brake lights and a pair of headlight surrounds. On top of this I will also include - either in parts or as a half cut - another 626 with great guards, scuttle panel, bonnet and all other engine bay items minus engine. This parts car also has what appears to have recently changed front discs and some of the rubbers/joints.

    When I took ownership of this car, it was running a little rough and low on comp in one cylinder. Rather than worry about getting a rebuild I sourced another car as parts and did the conversion myself. The original matching numbers engine was crushed BUT I did keep the engine number if someone wanted to stamp it back into whichever block they have in this car. The engine that is currently in it could use a service but I suspect it has some timing issues that I just don't have the time to sort out. It has a flat spot when getting on the accelerator, if accelerating slowly, it's non existent and it drives perfectly and shifts perfectly otherwise.

    Things I've added since I bought it around the end of 2010 are:

    - Tinted windows - 1 shade lighter than darkest legal. $300 (from a family friend - the rear screen being curved is where the bulk of the price came from in labour as it's a fairly hard screen to tint as it also DOESN'T have a black band around the window like most new cars)
    - New windscreen with tinted band. ~$300
    - New clutch master cylinder ~$80
    - Full stereo with 4 channel amp and full wiring kit with Fused power. Completely hidden, no cut/butcher job and all power and audio cables run separately/away from each other. This consists of fusion gear including a 4 channel Amp & 3-way 6x9's. VDO 4" Splits & JVC headunit with 4 pre-outs and subout. The only thing visible is the headunit and the tweeter of the splits. Everything else is hidden behind the original kick panels and parcel shelf. Will also throw in a 12inch Fusion Encounter sub & enclosure. (not fitted - would need RCA's changed and either of the 2 speakers wired to the head unit instead of the amp) ~$800
    - New battery and terminals $180
    - Super Low King springs in the rear with shortened pedders shocks to suit. ~$200 Front springs have been chopped but I have a full set of original springs to go with the car also.
    - MOMO Steering wheel & boss kit ~$250 (I am happy to sell the car without this, as my brother can (and wants to) use this in his own car.
    - Simmons V4's in 15x7 and 15x8. Rims themselves are in excellent condition, someone thought it was a smart idea to spray them with a can at some stage so the finish looks pretty average at the moment. Rear tires are on their way out and one doesn't hold air for very long - I suspect it's due to a puncture repair that was too big to plug properly. (I bought them like this) Fronts have a bit of life in them. My plans are/were to have the rims brought back to life when I go to replace all of the tires. As with the above prices, this has been factored into the price accordingly. A good set of these in different widths to suit these early mazdas are near on impossible to find. I also bought new centre caps for these which set me back around $100 and will be included with the wheels. (I WILL NOT SELL THE RIMS SEPARATELY UNLESS THE CAR SELLS AND THE BUYER DOES NOT WISH TO PURCHASE THEM - so please do not ask.)

    I am in no rush to sell my car, I drive it VERY rarely and it takes up little space at home so I won't just give it away. Given the time and effort I put into this to get it back on the road - rego lapsed more than 3months prior to me buying it so it had to go over the pits - I would say I saved myself or any other potential buyer a decent sum of money any other hassles of having to do the hard part. This car is ready for transfer and ready to drive! I will not provide a RWC simply because I just don't have the time however all remaining Registration will remain which is valid till Feb of next year (I will double check exact date, but it is definitely the early months of next year!) No particular reason for sale, I've had a few random street offers and I also have the opportunity to be get another car if I move this one on.

    PLATES WILL NOT BE SOLD WITH THE CAR, NOR AFTER THE SALE! They are going on my wall for safe keeps! :p

    Pictures: Apologies if they are a little small or not clear, I only have my iPhone as I recently sold my SLR.

    This is the link to my FlickR photo set: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjw2ixnp **EDIT** I have no idea how to embed the photos so just click the link and it'll bring up the whole photo set! ;)

    Contact Details: 0411 691 881 or PM. Prefer a text first if you're going to use my mobile and I will reply or call back when a better time suits as my uni timetable is a bit all over the place.
    Location: Brighton East, Victoria
    Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Would happily help with interstate shipping as long as it's organised at the buyers end first.
  2. Despite what you've done to it, its a 30 year old car. There are 1996 models selling for the same price. Sorry but $3500 seems excessive, just my opinion.
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