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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by jirf88, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. So my battery is dead. God dammit. So frustrating and anger inciting. And because I'm of the internet generation, you all get to hear about it :p.

    So My bike is at my mates house, and I'm at home and I have no wheels. This sucks.


    NB. I know this is pretty vague and pointless, but I figured it fit best in GD. Just having a good ol' rant.
    MOD nope it belongs in troubleshooting
  2. Whatever happened to the kickstart lever, or a push start?
  3. Just get your mate to push start you, get up some speed, click it in 2nd and pop the clutch it hopefully should kick over
  4. Flatter than a pancake. Spent about 20 minutes trying to get it going.

    Got out a voltmeter, its holding charge, but its got no oomph. At rest theres 12v on tap, as soon as you put it under load it drops to ~3. Not enough juice to sustain the headlight and s'plugs for a pushstart.
  5. Given I'm about the appropriate age group, now

    What's a kickstart? :wink:

    /First and last generation able to program a VCR
  6. If it's a recent fuel injected bike then there's no fuel on offer for a push-start.
  7. when the wifes 2008 er6f went flat due to leaving the lights on when cleaning and drying, i got it push started on my driveway and it's a fuel injected modern bike, but we have a steep driveway :LOL:
  8. Nah, carbies.

    I feel so... restricted to my house. This is irritating.
  9. Battery has dropped a cell, best go buy a new one. You should be able to push start it easy enough and ride to the bike shop to get a new battery.
  10. Look for a frustrated and rather expressive postie stuck halfway up a slippery inclined driveway on a cold, soaking wet day and ask him what a kick start is.

    Just be prepared to run as he may well throw the CT110 at you :LOL:
  11. Ok, so, I'm now looking for a battery. And I have some advice for my two wheeled friends.

    Don't bother hollering for a marshal. They are absolutely farking useless.

    Them: Thanks for hollering for a marshal. All sorts of batteries delivered to your door.
    Me: I need a battery for my motorcycle.
    Them: Ahh, sorry. We don't carry motorcycle batteries. Best I can do is order one and have it delivered by wednesday.



    Me > Closest battery for a ZZR250 > my bike

  12. this may sound a little patronising, but if someone had called a nearby shop and bought a battery over the phone I would probably pick it up for a cup of coffee in the morning for them.

    Hell I bought one for my 4x4 from autobahn, the guy dropped off 5 kms away on his smoko for a cup of coffee.
  13. I'd love to suggest Battery World, if you haven't already checked them out, but I must admit to total ignorance as to the relative closeness between you, your bike and their stores as I'm a recent arrival to NSW/Sydney and thus the usefulness of the link.
  14. Battery World is a good suggestion, as thats where the battery is. Just got to bludge a lift of my mates.
  15. Bribery is good for bludging a ride - suggest an extra stop in the itinerary at a convenient grog shop for a slab of preferred drop :wink: