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FRUSTRATION!!!! At looking for a bike...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Grunge, May 3, 2006.


    Just what the topic says...
    as most of you know I've been looking for a 250 bike at about a month or so now. Pretty much looking almost everyday at bikesales.com.au, trading post, bikepoint, monkey.com.au.
    And I've noticed that I can't find a good bargain! Maybe it's because I'm impatient, but I can find NOTHING.
    Even comparing things thru the redbook (redbook.com.au) Most of the "average" selling price of bikes that I'm looking at (zx2R's and CBR250's) are about $300-$500 below what most sellers are selling it at.

    Someone help me, because when I look at these forums most newbies say "I've got a great deal on a bike, not off a dealer!"

    Is there some sort "cheap bike deal" club I'm not a member off? Or am I just too cheap? I mean.. I consider a bargain about 20% off the average price.... I mean.... I must be doing something wrong here, or at least have a littel bit of a cheapass mindset... Hmmm.... I dunno....

    Anyways, just having a whinge at my frustrations.... is there any other newbies in my shoes?
  2. If I can say it as it is advertising another site

    try: e-bay.com
  3. Try searching for sellers located in states blessed with LAMS. Then spend $300-$500 on shipping the bike to Victoria :)
  4. suffered the same frustration then thought stuff it and bought new, figured I will lose some money on it but hey it's new and that means it hasn't been thrashed.

    250 prices are kept high because of our stupid restrictions, if you are patient one will come along.
  5. You need to start getting out and looking at some that are close to your price range for what you want.

    Remember, all prices are negotiable if the seller wants to sell. If he's listing it at $4000, turn up with $3400 cash and make him an offer if the bike's worth buying. Leave your number with him so he can think about it if he has to. Show him the dosh to prove you're not farting about.

    Eventually you'll find the right combination; a seller who wants to shift the bike, a bike that you're willing to put an offer on and a price that you're happy to pay. If a few slip through your fingers in the process, who cares?

    Good luck mate, and happy hunting... I reckon being bikeless with cash and ready to buy is one of the most exciting experiences around.

    Oh, and check ebay too. You can usually go look at any local machines before the auction finishes. And you know from the numbers what the minimum possible price the owner will accept is... Heh heh heh.
  6. redbook is a loose guide, definately not the be all and end all. have a look around where you are currently looking for a few weeks and generate an 'average' price from that.
  7. Have you tried offering the seller a price you can afford??
    most will probably say "yeah sure"
  8. Took me 6 months to find the monster.

    Took me 5 months to find the GS.

    Both for the price & condition I was willing to pay.

    A month? In that time all you can get is a feel for the market.

    Took me 1 week to find & buy the Spada. I had no idea, paid more than I should have, but bugger it, I was happy :)
  9. Go on hols to a place like Queensland. With Q-Ride up here 250s are pretty cheap up here and have been for a while. Maybe a work trip with bike shopping thrown in? :grin: Bike shopping is the best! (When you actually have the cash that is!)
  10. Yep ignore redbook, it's based on the National Average - 250s tend to be more expensive in Victoria due to increased demand. Also if someone's gone to the effort of advertising on the 'net then they're probably expecting a good price - the cheapest bikes are usually those on the side of the road with a homemade cardboard sign propped up against them (but finding them is obviously difficult).
  11. I put in an offer of $10,500 on my CBR and the seller orginally wanted $12k he laughed at me. I left my number with him and two weeks later it was in my garage for $10,500.

    Just take your time.
  12. If you see something you really like just say screw it and get it .If you really like it,I mean its a 250 and your not going to have it forever
  13. Murphy's Law!

    When you want a bike there are none around that suit your requirements, BUT,

    As soon as you have paid/commited to one, there will be ten better and cheaper ones that you see on the way home!

    I have a GT250 Comet for sale!
  14. Grunge - don't rush dude, when the right bike comes along, it may pop into your lap. What budget are you looking at ? How old a bike ?

    There are a few 250's for sale here on Netrider quite often.
  15. Thanx for the reassurance y'all....

    I appreciate all your tips. :] I'll keep looking and try some of the techniques you've adviced me!
  16. You just gotta look at bikesales, bikepoint.ebay.com.au, trading post, local paper, all aussie forums every day or when ever they could be updated.
    Spot a bargain call them straight away, go have a look asap and you'll find one eventually.
    You should try and pick up a zxr/cbrrrrrrr for around low 4000's to high 3000's is what id consider an good price.
    Maybe you are thinking even cheaper? Than you will struggle..
  17. another suggestion....don't rely only on internet searches. There are heaps in papers and on the side of the road that never make it onto the net.

    Go check out some dealers. Look in the paper and go visit a few to get an idea of what prices things are going for at the moment.

    Oh and stick in there, you might have to wait a while, but you will end up with what you want at the price you want. Don’t be in a hurry otherwise you’ll end up paying too much.
  18. PM sent Grunge

    Message too short :oops:
  19. looks like im going to get shafted selling my bike then.