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Frustration and Anger

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Skuffy, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    Having an average day and wanted to voice my concerns about the Government.... Did you know there is a 38% GST on fuel.....!!! :eek: :evil:

    All total, we are taxed:
    +40% of salary
    +40% on fuel - GST!!!
    +10% of generic goods for GST
    Tolls for roads

    So, I ask why?????? Why so bloody much????
  2. Aww, cheer up mate. It's all good.

    Here, have some Karm... Dang!
  3. because we all just accept it.

    we want o drive our cars so we buy petrol

    we want to get to work faster so we pay road tolls

    what would happen if no one used Citylink?
  4. My opinion, lets see what happens if Joe Public puts their foot down and:

    DOES NOT use citylink
    AVOIDS driving to work and uses public transport

    This will effect the economy in a HUGE way.... If we refuse to buy petrol and bypass citylink for 1 week, that will put a huge dent right????
  5. ithink youdneed to do it for more than a week....got to give the effect time to get into goverment reports etc.

    1 month at lesat i'd say
  6. Drew, I am not talking a small group... I am saying the entire flippin popullation do it for 1 week........ It will cause/create havoc and bedlem
  7. What about people who don't give about the city or use public transport?
  8. because australians dont seem to be able to standup for themselves. the gov say they will do this, the people cry foul, the gov says yeah what are you going to do, the masses go fair enough, roll over and go back to sleep

    in other words we are all spineless imps that like taking it up the arse

    not to mention all of our assets that are being sold off. instead of collecting revenue from said assests, we sell them, then collect tax from the companies that buy and run them. then we fine them when they dont meet targets as part of the sale. oh but then we give them big tax breaks and money to help rebuild the substandard infrastructure they have been sold...
  9. A name: Tyler Durden. Don't eat the clam chowder.
  10. No, selling off the assets is a wise move, that way when the chinese do invade they will be too afraid to destroy anything as they already own everthing.
  11. In principal great idea, in practice...not practicle

    To many selfish & lazy SOB's who wont stand up for themselves
  12. Greatest , most brilliantest idea - privatisation.

    Taking from the public what they already own ... and selling it back to them. Brilliant!

    Here, take my bike & I'll pay you $20000 for it - you get some money, I get my bike. Everybody wins :)
  13. in tyler we trust ;)
  14. pfft aussies work together in harmony for the greater good hahahahaha dont get me started...
  15. Raffiki, I agree, this country is full of spineless people who are too afraid to fight the fight......

    Someway, somehow, I am going to organise a way that we can encourage Australians to fight the system, stand up and say ENOUGH.....
  16. Astro Boy!!!(sir skuffy)
  17. Oooh I love these threads!
  18. it's not that much worse than the rest of the world is it?

    fuel is cheap here compared to europe, income tax is pretty poor in the higher brackets so anyone with the ability/skills to make money moves overseas but they're looking at that.

    land tax, they're looking at at.

    IMO it could be better, but it could be worse, there arn't many countries that are better off so i don't complain (well i don't complain too much) :p

    i would like tax to be pulled off income tax/misc. taxes and dumped onto fuel, that way everyone buys bikes, people look for us on the road, less traffic jams, more bikes = larger industry = more competition = cheaper bikes = we all live happily ever after :D
  19. Hey Fox,

    Sorry, but we are actually in the highest tax bracket in the world.....