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Frustrated with liars when they're selling a bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Flylo, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. I've been looking for a bike for a friend who wants to get her learners. She's done a weekend course to find out if she would like riding, and loves it.

    Now, she's told me the bike she likes, and I've been around to have a look at a few. That is where my frustration began. I have had a look at two bikes in the last two days which the last one was apparently in "perfect condition", only to find that the first seller forgot to mention the surface rust all over the bike. And the second bike described as "perfect condition" had been dropped on both sides. Where it looked like it's just fallen on its side on the left, but actually slid down the road on the right, with the exhaust, indicators, brake lever and pedal, and peg all scratched, among other things he "forgot" to mention. The seller even denied initially it ever being on its side after I pointed out the faults!!

    These are LAMS bikes and are aimed at people new to riding, so I figure they are trying to sell a bike to an unsuspecting customer. But really! Do they think people new to riding won't notice these cosmetic faults? The one that had been dropped, was a good one and a half hours drive from me. But when I called him today he was visiting friends just five minutes down the road, so I went and had a look. And yes, on both occasions I asked if there were anything wrong with the bikes. If I had have driven a 3 hour round trip only to find out he was lying, I don't know what I would've done?

    Just a bloody waste of time...
  2. Maybe the perfect learner bike has already been dropped?
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  3. lol thats what i was thinking ,
    us noobs drop bikes, it happens ...
    she will probably drop it as well so it would be pointless being perfect .
    As for the 3 hour drive ,
    is your friend HOT ?
  4. I know the feeling, I went to look at one "perfect condition" bike that had obviously had a light drop. When I pointed this out the owner made up all kinds of stories. The bike was then traded in and PS advertised it as perfect condition too!

    Does your friend want a GS500 by any chance?
  5. These are probably the exact same people that ride around unregistered and/or unlicensed. Now most of us here don't do that, but for some reason the attraction of riding seem to attract some of these types. Which is why you get this sort of behaviour from them with selling. They basically don't give a shit about who they are selling to - just what they can get out of it.
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  6. That's what I told her. Even if it's as simple as falling of the stand. But who am I to argue with a woman? :)
    Thanks. But she has her heart set on a virago.
    I had a feeling there was finance owed on the one in "perfect condition". And he lied about everything else, so I wouldn't put it past him.
  7. The thing that gets me about this is that people are quite willing to waste your time - very frustrating. I was lucky when I bought my CB, the guy had kept it in pristine condition and was perfectly willing to discuss price. He was also a lovely person and kept in contact with me after, so it was a good experience all 'round. It doesn't often happen like that unfortunately.

    Hope you find something for your friend.
  8. I trust the phrase "in perfect condition" about as much as I do "never ridden in the rain" when it comes to bike ads.
  9. You'd enjoy buying a bike or a car in Sri Lanka, then. You'll find 1998 vehicles described as "brand-new" and "one-owner" means THAT current owner!
  10. There are people who won't take their precious bikes in the rain... Precious personalities I guess :p Some people just don't like riding in the rain too - although usually everyone encounters rain at some point. Especially in melbourne.
  11. I cannot stand "never ridden in the rain" comments just as much as the retards who think their bike getting wet is th end of the world.....
  12. if their bike is never ridden in the rain, i wonder if they ever washed it :|

    The best way to deal with these things these days is just to have a big phone call about the bike, write a list of questions while you look over the advertisement about all the different things you need to know then give him a ring and get his answer to every one, if he just tries to get you to arrange a time to meet, say you dont want to meet with out knowing its good.

    If someone told outright lies about the quality of their bike, e.g. if a bike has never been dropped or crashed i expect nothing besides stone chips on any part of the bike.

    So it better be fcuking spotless or id be pissed and tell him so in a angry way.
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  13. I can confirm this story....

    what I normally do is make the phone call n ask all sorts of question n mention to the seller I dont want to waste his time or mine so let me know before I come there n walk away....
  14. At least it's not quite as bad as when you see an old grey import CBR250RR advertised as "never been dropped" (which I think must mean they've simply left off the last bit saying "in the last few months in which I've owned it") ;)
  15. 1 careful owner - the other 1 rode it into the ground - off a cliff.
  16. Do you talk to the sellers on the phone first and ask them questions about the bike and also tell them what you are looking for (like condition etc)? If you are fussy and they entertain your numerous questions, you might be able to tell if they know their shit and how they present themselves over the phone. Might be able to filter out the shitty ones before you waste your time travelling there.
  17. Genuine one owner from Arthur Daley Motors
  18. Hey I never dropped my bike as a learner lol. Sold it to the first person who saw it, but was advertised for about 4 months before they came to look at it.

    Maybe see if your friend would like the Suzuki Intruder, another alternative to the Virago so could expand your range a bit. starrygirl13 was going the Virago until we came across the Intruder and she was extremely happy with it. Got good resale value on it too.
  19. My girlfriend wanted a Honda PCX scooter, and similar story, we looked at 2 different used ones to find both had been bashed around a bit (one dropped quite heavily, and one with a messed up ignition from a bungled theft). We ended up buying it new from a shonky dealer.
  20. That sort of thing shits me. If they've blatantly lied about the condition what else have they lied about. My advice is to walk away, you'll find the one you're looking for eventually.

    I'd also suggest your friend broaden her options a tad, it'll make it a bit easier. Besides it's her first bike, not the bike of her dreams, that will come later.