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frustrated at bike shops

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by darkstorm, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. I went for a drive down to dandenong today looking to buy a couple of new helmets for my wife and I. There are 3 shops that we know of there. Peter Stevens, Geoff Taylor, and Sharptune.
    All of which were closed.... Sharptune had a sign on the door saying that they would be open from 8.30 to 4.00. Peter Stevens had no special signs for the long weekend just their normal open hours sign, and Geoff Taylor had a sign saying that they were closed for the whole of easter weekend.
    Do these stores make enough money that they dont have to offer good customer service?
    I believe that i am talking about the average rider when i say that most of us work full time during the week and only have weekends to get out and enjoy ourselves, Being a long weekend, it is even more so. I understand them not opening on a public holiday, but in theis day and age, i would have thought that they would get their best buisness on a weekend.
    I lost count of the amount of bikes and cars that pulled up at these shops doors and left again disappointed.
    So coming down from Phillip Island, i reckon i just wasted a good day driving down there and back without even getting a peek at a helmet. lol

  2. Guess what. Today IS a public holiday.
  3. No offence darkstorm, and I tend to agree with you about most people working full time, but did it occur to you to ring first?
    If I was riding up from PI, I'd be letting my fingers do the walking first.
    With EasterNats on this weekend, I'd imagine most of the Dandenong dealers wouldn't have bothered opening up anyway
  4. Yeah i did think about ringing, but yesterday was a public holiday and i was pretty sure they wouldnt be open on good friday so would have been pointless ringing.
    I know that good friday, easter sunday and easter monday are public holidays, but i am sure that the saturday isnt. Just about everything else was open today, and shopping centres that i saw had carparks fuller than i had ever seen...
  5. I went past the two bike shops near me today, and both closed.

    Maybe they all got together and decided to give themselves a four day weekend so nobody loses any business :p
  6. City West Yamaha was open today. Just ask my step-son who's now the proud owner of a new pair of boots and gloves.....

    We're lucky out here in the west. They open the stores up for bogans even on long weekends :grin:
  7. lmao. Yeah i used to live out at Werribee, its a bit of a change out here at phillip island, not having everything on your doorstep that you want. We do have some of the best beaches and scenery here though. :)
  8. I agree with the intent of the OP but Easter holidays are Friday, Saturday and Monday.

    Nice day for a ride anyway. :grin:
  9. We did the same thing today
    we come over from the seymour side of Craigieburn over to Berwick to see New World Honda
    They were fantastic!! and the customer service from all areas was beyond compare
    they also let Phil have a test ride of the VFR for a possible upgrade for me

    but everyone else we rang was shut :(

  10. There were a few shops in the CBD that were open. PS in the city was closed too though along with most of the other shops.
  11. If you had of actually THOUGHT about it, being the Easter long weekend.....and living ages away you really should've called ahead first.
  12. darkstorm wrote:
    gladly give up the Saturday Bikeshop trading for THAT lifestyle
  13. Today is a public holiday - My car yard is open, and I am paying penalty rates for all my guys!.
  14. It just gives you an excuse to go for another squirt... People who work in bike shops need to take holidays too!
  15. AJ's shepparton was open.

    Bewdiful day for a ride
  16. well i'll be buggered, so they are, i always thought it was the fri, Sun, Mon.

    you learn someting new everyday.
  17. Anyone here ever worked as a sales assistant? Some of them got to have anice long weekend like the rest of us over Easter. It doesn't happen very often.
  18. The calendar on my desk freaked me out because its marked as "friday, Sunday, monday". I had to verify because of the pays i got to approve this week. These calendar mobs should get their acts together.

    Pity about the helmet aye. Now you may have to ride around this long weekend without the missus :roll:
  19. When I worked at Repco, teh figures for long weekends were interesting.
    Basically, our store didn't make enough money on a long weekend to justfiy being open, we didn't even cover wages. There were just not enough customers to make it worthwhile, but head office said stay open.
    One long weekend, they made around $200 a day...........this is a large ACT store too, well established.
    Now, tell me which small business owner is going to LOSE money opening on a long weekend? I know I wouldn't.

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. Oh well, no helmets but all in all i have had a great day. Saved some money, and learnt something about public holidays. And had a really pleasant afternoon stroll around the golf course. Topped it off with a nice meal at the 19th hole.
    If anybody is down Phillip Island way I reccomend dinner at the Golf club. The food is always good, and very reasonably priced. Drinks are a reasonable price too.