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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ptb, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. I'm cruising in the right lane of the Eastern Freeway, I notice the white VR/VS type commodore wagon at my front left is a little erratic in his lane so I stay behind. The driver winds down his window, I don't think much of it but back off 5 or 10 meters and think I should move over a few lanes and get well past him.

    A few seconds later the driver throws something small out of the window. I swerve towards the right wheel track, directly into the missile's path! Hits me on the right side of the visor!

    I pull over in the middle, take off the helmet and wipe it clean. Wondering what hit me, I walk back and see an apple core. For some reason I burst into laughter, hopped on the bike and keep riding.

    Had I not swerved over, it would've missed me. Had I not backed off, it would've missed me. Sometimes everything conspires against you!

    Fun times :)
  2. should of picked it up, rode along next to the car and hurled it back into him, tell him not to throw shit out of his car window from now on.
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  3. Reach in grab his keys n keep riding
  4. Thats rotten....:-w
  5. Funny story
    they dont think its important
    Maybe you should do the same with a marble or ball bearing.
  6. So, what's at the core of this issue?

    Ahhaaah hah, he he he, ahah, oh yes indeedy, ha ha.




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  7. Could have been a rock, anything else that could have caused you real trouble.
    Don't down platitude coz it was an apple core. You had no idea what was coming at you. That fact, makes it extremely dangerous to you.

    Get his rego, report that he was throwing things out of his car at other cars, and one of them nearly hit you, and you had to swerve at speed to avoid it - you could have but didn't crash - you were lucky!. (yes yes alright, you know, but if it just missed you, you would'nt, and it could easily have been a 10cm piece of steel for all you new) so 'pretend' it was worse.

    The cops just may pay him a visit and wipe the smile off his face.

    Ride home smugly for fekking up an idiots evening (hopefully).
  8. Raven, I thought about it after pulling over, it was probably a combination of smidsy and a typical littering idiot. At least I like to think so, it keeps me calm.

    Didn't think of memorising the plate, was more worried about pulling over and wiping the blurry patch off the visor so I could see again.

    I'm long past the years of firing up in a road rage incident, karma will get him in the future. If I can assist karma, I always oblige.
  9. Pfft, report him to the EPA for chucking stuff out the window. He'll get a fine; serves him right.

    I can't stand people chucking stuff out of their cars, and I have no sympathy or mercy. I got an electronic Christmas card one year from the EPA - my sister (equally pedantic about it) didnt - she was so jealous!
  10. ...pick it up, chase the guy, throw it at his windshield. If he stops, ask him how he feels...
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  11. I had a similar thing happen to me a few years ago, except it was a lit cigarette. At the next set of lights, I noticed his window was open, I was wearing an open face helmet and had a cold. I questioned him as to why he threw is butt out the window. He hurled some abuse at me and started 'big noting' himself to his mates.

    I'm not proud of what I did next, but I hurled something at him, it wasn't abuse.
  12. its ok im proud of you
  13. That incident was less than peachy. ;)

    It's easy to be an armchair expert in hindsight, so from the relative comfort of my chair, crazy commodore was the clue, GTFOOT shoulda been the desire. Healthy paranoia of any traffic that doesn't look to be behaving entirely as expected is NOT a bad thing.
  14. Some people are completely thoughtless.

    An apple to the face or a cigarette down your shirt at 100km/h is bloody dangerous.

    Cigarettes and bikes don't mix.

    But seriously, any debris floating around a highway is potentially lethal, either indirectly (causing you to crash) or directly...

    A few years back a mini bus passenger travelling in the opposite direction threw an orange into my windscreen. Thankfully I was in a car and only doing 60km/h. Made a hell of a thump but didn't break the windscreen, just covered it with exploded juice and pith. I cleaned the windscreen, turned around, followed them long enough to get their details, then reported them to the bus company who had thoughtfully painted their phone number on the side.
  15. What an impact! Considering it's in China, surely the Nanjing judge killed him, not the unintentional missile :(

    Yep, didn't think anything other than "pull over, can't see out of 1/3rd of the visor"

    Wouldn't dare try catch the Commodore. Just imagine how many babies and kittens would be killed if I went faster than the speed limit to catch him. Gives me the chills.
  16. haha i know how you feel, someones thrown a bloody banana peel at me. what is this ****ing mario kart lol
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  17. It's an apple? I don't chuck them in the bin at home.. I chuck them into my backyard for compost.. I have no problems with others chucking fruit out the window of a national park etc... a motorway, probably no
  18. It's good that you're laughing about it now but it could have been worse.

    This is again one of those things that cagers don't think about. This is very basic common sense but....
  19. as a young kid ...

    riding on a country road on my bmx with my uncle (pre-helmet years). Car coming the other way at 100+km threw a glass bottle ... at me .. I felt it go through my hair. 1cm further left and I would be most likely be dead.

    having been on the receiving end .. NEVER throw ANYTHING from a moving vehicle of ANY sort at ANY time ... and don't be worse than anyone who does it to you and retaliate thinking it fair.
  20. even be careful in national park (also see previous post about moving vehicle) depending on climate it may lead to unwanted 'weeds'