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Frost on your visor.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by typhoon, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. How do you guys deal with it? I ride through some bloody frosty gullies on the way to work, and have about 30 seconds to a minute of frost building up on my visor. All I seem to be able to do is flip the visor up enough to see under it, but then my eyes water ridiculously after about 10 seconds, negating the whole being able to see concept! Wiping the visor only helps for a few seconds, then teh frost builds again, and then the visor is all streaky.
    It's annoying, as it's only about a minute at a time I get the frost, then it disappears as I ride out of the gullies.

    Regards, Andrew.
  2. for the love of riding :)
  3. I got a little 9volt battery powered demister ( like the ones on car back windows ) and that works a treat :LOL:

    Oh wait......... Nah im just bored and had that brain storm of an idea :p

    But seriously, i use RainX on my visor and it seems to stop the frost from forming up as well :)
    some others swear by dishwashing liquid etc etc
    it all just trial and error what works for one, maynot work for you and visa versa
  4. I'm talking about frost on teh outside of the visor?

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. yeah so am i, RainX goes on the outside as well as, as i said some people use dishwashing liquid on both the inside and outside.

    I personally use FogX on the inside and RainX on the outside, i've got to work and had frost/ice on the leading edge of the mirrors, but not a sign of it on my visor :)
  6. As others have suggested, something like Rainx on the outside. But for the inside, you can't go past a Fog City visor liner.

    I've had three of them now on 2 helmets (first helmet had two, one each for the dark and clear visors). Then when I bought this AGV I tried other brands. None of them worked as effectively as the FC. Also, the FC is thinner, or rather, its seal is thinner, thus it didn't stick out as far as these other brands and hence snag on the lid when opening or closing it.

    Things to watch out for? Don't get tinted visor liners. You'll be stuffed at night. Even those "photochromatic" ones that darken or lighten according to ambient light often don't full clear, and makes it difficult to see at night.

    If you wear glasses, consider something to stop them fogging. The other day when I put the FC liner on my lid I went for a ride. It started fogging up. Bugger, what's the matter, I thought. Til I realised that it was the specs, not the visor that was fogging up.

    I used to wear contact lenses. Have still got 'em. Will be using them more in coming weeks. I'm doing that BMW Icicle overnight ride, so, I'll need to wear them. Otherwise, the FC liner will be rendered useless if I have to open the visor to clear the specs and I freeze my face off...
  7. dishwashing liquid huh, must try that one
    your an ideas man VTRBob :)
  8. "blood, sweat and tears"

    your just paying in tears at the moment. :p

    As VTRBob said dishwashing liquid and or mr sheen... you need a film of oil or dispersent to stop water condensation.
  9. O.K, well this gives me some ideas. I think maybe the Plexus I use on my visor is causing me grief here, I will try spraying on some liquid detergent and see how we go.

    Regards, Andrew.