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VIC Frontal ID - to be introduced in 2009?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jdkarmch, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. For general discussion, just when you thought it was all over - here it comes again...

    MRAA Media Release issued 23rd Jan 2008:

  2. Doesn't matter about agenda's, if this dosen't pay for itself, no one is going to put thier nuts on the line for it.

    Economics is king!
  3. Its stuff like this that has stopped me speeding through front facing speed cameras.

    I used to speed through, but someone said to me that is only adding statistics for the introduction of front plates...............so I started being a good boy in front of the cameras now.....just my little piece.

  4. Wow.. despite the facts that stopped this coming in last time, not changing - they're trying again, without presenting any new data.. lame
  5. Waste of time, are they really going to custom fit front plates on tens of thousands of bikes. I think not :)
  6. Are they going to do it, hell NO, will they make you pay for it to be done, Oh yeah!

    Another dumb idea that will gather steam before fading into the backburner for another couple of years.
  7. The reason why the MRAA decided to put out this media release yesterday was to expose the real reason behind the push for FNP.

    The fact is - they can achieve exactlty the same result by pointing the cameras in both directions.

    The morons exposed the fact that they were only taking photos from the front - and riders got hold of that fact and realized that there was then a lesser probability that they would get booked. So the cops, in admitting to this "operational procedure" created their own mess....

    I spent a long time speaking with Prof Marcus Wigan (himself a rider) and he was the one who pointed this out to me yesterday - and it was even included in his original report to VicRoads (who were the sponsors of the Aust project to kick FNP off).

    Its now up to you guys to alert the media, and make sure by voicing your concerns that this RIS gets stopped in its tracks, while we lobby the politicians on your behalf.

    For Victorians email:




    Or phone your local radio station.....
  8. John, can I ask if you know for sure that this is being driven by the upper echelons of Victoria Police?

    I wouldn't doubt it, as the top brass in St Kilda Road have long shown a penchant for introducing totalitarian control of lesser beings. But perhaps this is also coming from somewhere else.

    I'm wondering if some private consortium think they have solved the technical issues that defeated them the last time they tried this on, and are now trying to do a lucrative deal with the State government?

    Pro-pilot is right - the only way this is going to happen is if someone thinks they can make money out of it. But may be it's the lesser of two evils, if the alternative is electronic ID and satellite monitoring.
  9. Yeah, and a big waste of all taxpayer's monies.
    Do you remember when cops were trialling front numberplate
    stickers/decals and a taxpayer wrote to the papers to remind them
    that it was illegal to have a 'replica' or 'imitation' of a numberplate?
    That stopped the cops very quickly :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Bloody hell, this means they will start to charge us for Shitty link! :mad:
  11. If it comes in, which it most likely will not. We have to fight it just in case they push it extra hard
  12. Thank you, you just answered my question! I should have realised that they were behind it.
  13. Yup. Inside information from the attempt 2-3 years ago indicates that the Vic push for FNPs is all about tolls and revenue and nothing to do with speed.

    Some encouraging points though.

    When this last came up, virtually none of the technical standards guys in any of the State RTAs were in favour.

    It's such a cr#p idea from an engineering point of view, no engineering consultancy would touch it, so VicRoads engaged a firm of design consultants instead to study the technical feasibility. I read their reports in my professional capacity and came to the conclusion that the "consultants" didn't have a clue how a motorbike worked. They repeatedly recommended putting the plate either where the front wheel goes when the suspension compresses, or smack in the primary engine cooling air stream (or both). Idiots.

    The first point is, perhaps, the most important as it is the vehicle technical standards bods who would have to implement this if it happened. Like I said, they were all dead against it last time and, in spite of a bit of attrition since, are unlikely to favour it this time.

    Incidentally, if anyone fancies a laugh and wants to see the VicRoads commissioned reports from the last round, I daresay it could be arranged.
  14. The initial push some years back came from a meeting of senior cops from all states. Victoria offered to do the work on behalf of all the states. The draft RIS (a 4Mb PDF file) actually.

    Quote from the RIF:
    The Regulatory Proposal is that State and Territory legislation be changed to require front identifiers on all motorcycles, not just new motorcycles that are subject to the Australian Design Rule system

    Examples of proposed fitting methods
    (note the hand-held method for naked sports bikes) :roll:
  15. I honestly can't believe how stupid this proposal is. There are hundreds of different models of motorcycles in circulation, all with different fairings. I severely doubt they can afford to create that many designs to fit all the different shapes and sizes.
  16. They won't, they'll produce some standardised ones to fit most bikes and if it doesn't fit your bike - it's your problem... You get to pay to have it customised to suit.

  17. That's the worst place imaginable for mounting a piece of sharp metal. Right where you're going to smack your face down in the event of a massive pothole/accident/accidental jump over train tracks.
  18. Bastards!
  19. fcuking spot on, if it's not about shitty link why not add it sideways on the front fender? Speed cameras could still work!

    When this fails [and it will] the next thing they will try and bring in is RFID chips. These can be added to any bike and are very cheap to produce. Then we have a real problem. I may be off base with this idea but it has been raised in QLD.

    Think why they bringing this up when it has alread failed? My opinion is that they will let it fail then say "Oh these RFID chips will be safe" and then we don't have an argument.

    Did I say I HATE THIS fcukING NANNY STATE! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  20. I wouldn't be surprised. I would also expect them to bring in some ridiculously over the top penalty for not displaying them and tie up ridiculous amounts of Police time hunting down those that refuse to fit them. I'm sure they'd be well aware that the whole idea would fall down very quickly if every rider (or at least the vast majority) told them where to shove their front plates and continued riding as normal. Nothing quite like a bit of civil disobedience to get media attention and affect change ;).