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Front wheel wobble

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cygnus, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. I was riding to work this morning, and nearly came off my bike, but I don't really know what happened or why.

    Turning left, down a slight hill (from Victoria Rd onto Anzac bridge), I was in 2nd gear, maybe 5k-6k rpm. Past the apex, rolling on, then the left handle bar just sort of gave way. Felt like a sharp dip downwards on the left hand. Didn't really have time to react, but by then the bike was back to normal.

    I may have rolled off the throttle a little when the dip happened, and maybe that straightened the bike up, but I'd really like to know what happened initially? I wasn't on the brakes at any time during the corner, so what did I do wrong? What would lead to the handle bars dipping suddenly?

    It was a little bit scary, but by the time I realised what was happening, everything was normal again...
  2. Sounds like you hit a patch of oil or a wet leaf or something bud, it would have regained traction as soon as the front tyre was over the 'slippery' section.
  3. The bars go limp on the zx14 all the time when rolling on the gas anywhere above about 4k.....................
  4. +1 partial loss of traction

    Just by nature of your survival reactions you may have stood the bike up and saved it without realising. A nice little wake up call. We all get them.
  5. Yeah, just a loss of grip on the front wheel. When this happens, the front left bar will go away from you initially.

    THE most important thing to do is ease of the power, back to a cracked throttle. Don't slam it shut.
    If you are'nt on the gas, then don't move the throttle at all. Just maintain it.

    You'll get used to these over time... But it never stops getting heart rate up!
  6. Amen to that!!!!