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Front wheel skateboard caddy

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Boff, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. So today i went down to bunnings and bought all the parts for my project, what i almost finished building today was a skateboard holder that is attached to the front wheel forks. I got the idea from those old war bikes that have rifle holders near the front of the bike. So what i want to know is, is this completely illegal? whats the laws with regard to attaching things to your bike?
    I have not finished so i duct taped my board to where it will eventually be straped with leather buckles and took some pics. What do you people think? am i going to get a$$ raped by a cop for this?


    Ps it does not block the idicator as much as it looks in this pic

  2. will it interfere with cornering clearance?

    oh wait, no, its a cruiser :p

    seriously though, looks good, a decent original idea. i cant see any legal issues arising, as long as it doesnt block the indicators or the like. it is simply like a homemade packrack, just in a different location. :grin:
  3. Definitely going to get you hassled by the cops.
    Why not go for something on the back with the saddle bags? They won't hassle you there I'd say, but front fork: almost definitely.
  4. as long as it doesn't restrict the bike's handling in any way (brakes, suspension travel, cornering clearance, etc), i cant see how it's going to be illegal.

    cool idea... now work out a way for me to take my kitesurfing gear on my R1, and i'm set!
  5. I worry about the corner clearance, but otherwise I love the personality of it all!

    Doubt you'll get hassled by cops if you're easy riding the bike unless you come across a prick; most will probably be impressed.
  6. Surfboard on a GSXR750...

    Funnily enough I just haven't been able to crack it, and don't think this idea will do it for me.

    Does look a bit close to the ground for right hand corners, and personally I'd be working out something at the back with the panniers, but whatever floats your boat.
  7. Yeah the conering clearance is fine.....it is a cruiser after all. Well im glad to hear no one is aware of any legal issues aside from hindering indicators and light. I think i will continue with it finish it and see how i go if it turns out to be more hassle than its worth i will move it to my second location and see if thats better :) Thnaks peeps

    as for windsurfer rack???.....mmmmmm.......thats a tricky one.
  8. sounds like a really cool idea! but.... you dont look so happy about it in the second pic lol

    btw should the board be more parallel to the forks?... would look cleaner that way...
  9. I can see the board touching down if you have it cranked over... bit higher maybe?
  10. Second pic = serious contemplation

    i have reworked the way it sits its now a bit less vertical and is higher from the ground and lower from the indicator. i got the buckles attached and it looks pretty good. just got to get a few more bits to strengthen it so if i take it out on the F3 the wind resistance wont move it.

    Its looking good although my face still looks the same.....
  11. pretty dangerous if u ask me, if that ever slips and falls into your spokes, say goodbye to life, better u strap it to your pillion seat.
  12. if, it's mounted to a non structural member it there are no problems, i am not sure but i don't think the forks are listed as a structural member, this is why you can adjust/swap them without engineering approval.

    Like others i would be carefully of ground clearance plus have you considered low rubbish on the road, that it might also hit, do it have any shape area's that in the event of a off, could hurt either yourself or another, all issues you need to address aside from the mounting :wink:
  13. I'd mount it at the back and also a tow rope so you can pull your mates along behind on it :p
  14. I have a feeling that the asymmetrical wind resistance applied to the forks will do bad things to the handling - be careful when testing!