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front wheel pulling when braking

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by rmalchi, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. would anyone have an idea as to what might be the cause of a phenomena that the front wheel of the bike pulls to the right when braking but the bike rides straight and balanced without braking :? ?


  2. Single or dual front disc? type of bike?
  3. That was going to be my question Tweet.

    If it's a single disc bike I would have no idea though.
  4. If a single disc does it pull to the side the disc is on ?

  5. I'm not sure on a bike whether single or dual discs should influence this anyway, but it it IS a single-disc bike, and the disc is on the right, then I suspect that the caliper is dragging. I'd get a good mechanic to look at it, whatever the case; brakes are nto something you want to have any doubts about.
  6. Tyres...

    If the bike is single or double disk it should not pull to one side... look at the tyres and the surface you are testing the bike on...
  7. the bike is a 1997 BMW F650

    one disk on the left.

    as I have mentioned the bike goes straight and balanced without braking. so I would think it is not a matter of tires or the surface althogh I haven't specifically checked the tires. the point is however, it deffinitly pulles to the right the stronger you brake.
  8. Something's not straight maybe?

    Has it been dropped? Crashed? Bumpped hard into something?
  9. don't really know the history, its a bike Im considering to buy. there are signs of a slide on the right side of the bike.
  10. i would be looking more at a lazy fork on the right side maybe spring is sagged or low on oil or both !!
  11. yeah, a lazy fork seems most likely, thanks!

    any idea how much should i be looking at spending to fix a lazy fork, assuming the whole lot needs to be done, on the BMW f650?
  12. well its definitely not a single rotor issue... seeing i never had that problem.

    the tyre thing could be a potential issue, but i dont think it is (Since you said it rides true). my bike was pulling to the right when i let go of my handlebars (tyres were 1 month old)- but this problem was soon sorted itself out after my tyre wore in.

    so yeah, i'd have to agree with the fork suggestion. and are you sure your not putting pressure on the right handle bar whilst your braking?
  13. well yeah, Im mostly riding off road never had this problem of pulling a bar while braking, plus my dad also had a ride on the bike and had same effect.
  14. There is no possibility of it being a "lazy fork." The upper and lower tripleclamps and the axle would equalize any such thing. Maybe wheelbearings, crook tyre or twisted forks. Don't buy the thing.
  15. I beg to differ MVrog, I have seen cases where the fork on one side is so soft that when loaded the soft side of the fork collapses and phisycaly changes the camber on the front wheel slightlygiving it almost a shopping trolley affect. This may well not be the issue with this Bike but is a valid possibility.
  16. This is why modern bikes have fat axles