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Front wheel on Ducati Monster 600 ('98 model) replacement

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by rdkls, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. There's a wrecked monster I'm looking to get, but its front wheel is bunged up.
    Called Eurobrit, they have one for $990
    Apparently new is $1500 or so
    Found one on ebay in the states for $240 + shipping ....

    They seem kind of hard to find here.

    Assuming I wasn't fastidious about "purity", would it be ok to put a wheel from another bike on there?

    Finally - looking at this, is it an option to repair the wheel?
    Here's a pic:
  2. No, repair is not an option for that wheel, yes, put whatever the hell you want on it! :LOL:

    Just tell the Ducatitsti it's an upgrade, then they'll all want one.
  3. Thanks MV
    Any recommendations?
    Ballpark prices?
  4. Umm I don't know whether you noticed or not, but that bike has a slightly bigger problem.
  5. is that head stem snaped away from the frame :shock:
  6. Nah it's the new Duco-glide front end.

    I was worried about the front mudguard being adrift.
  7. yep :]
    i'm talking to friends about welding .....
  8. make sure it's not a statutory write off. Then you cannot re-register it. You may be able to use it as a track bike.
  9. yep if that is a insurance job, it will be a staty (if any structural member is damaged), ie means never to be registered again, no if's, but or maybes......once they are listed as staty's that is it.

    If it was me, i would think twice about a bike that had been through an accident hard enough to rip the front head stem away from the frame....

    In saying that there are some great bikes with minor scratches/panel damage that get written off mostly because it's cheaper to replace with new then fix and replace (but aren't listed as staty) which can be fixed and registered for a (cough) small (cough) fee (vicroads has a different view what a small fees is compared to myself) :shock: but really trying to find a good buy isn't easy :)
  10. Mind I have heard of a few m600s cracking through there without having had an accident.
  11. ummm i think the front rim sort of gives it away that it hit something and hard :wink: rims don't fail like that by themselves
  12. lol ibast

    spoke to someone, need engineer's cert on the work
    then re-registering - yeah, with inspection etc $900+ (not horrendous but a pain)
    I do have a very experienced mech eng friend who does work/studies on metal fatigue, will ask him
    but i think you're right; probably less hassle to get one less terminally-damaged ....
  13. :LOL: Yeah I did pic that, just saying that the frame break itself is not the end of the world for these bikes as some have broken under normal riding and have been successfully repaired.

    btw you won't even feel the buckled rim with that Duco-glide front end. Smooth as silk.
  14. Like i said if it's a staty YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO GET IS REGISTERED AGAIN even with a engineers report/cert. and trust me getting a engineer to sign of on a non structural work on a motorcycle is a mission as i am finding out :mad:
  15. apparently it's not listed on WOVR ....
  16. Sorry mate, no idea what will fit, but as others have said, if the frame is damaged, I would skip it.

    From memory any frame damage & you will be unable to register it due to changes in the law, more than one frame repair business has gone under as a result (so I've been told).

    This one:

    not really conclusive...
  17. Not much wrong with that wheel! Just needs a bit of percussive maintenance and a kilo of bog.