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Front Wheel Noise

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by lil_mike, May 21, 2011.

  1. So my front wheel has been making some noise lately. Its the noise of the disc rubbing with the pads then moving away, likes it a warped disc. It gets worse with speed too. But I replaced the front disc and pads today and it hasn't fixed it. The only two things I can think of are the bearings or the front wheel is out of alignment, if that's even possible? Can anyone shed some light onto this for me? The bike is a Spada too.


  2. I'd get a mechanic to have a look.

    Actually, what I'd do personally, is go see a mate who's a tool and die maker and support the front end off the ground, and rig a dial gauge to show axial runout in the disk and then give it a bit of a spin. If there was none, I'd repack the front wheel bearings - or replace them if they're sealed units. If none of that worked, I'd have a beer with the dutchman, then take it to a mechanic.
  3. Pull the disc back off and clean the mating surfaces very well. ie The hub and the Disc. Make sure you tighten the disc bolts on at opposite sides...like 6,12,7,1. And don't death tighten them till there all set.
    If it's still there then have your front wheel balanced.
    A bearing going is a more constant noise. Not a scrape scrape scrape. If that fails go to a mechanic. Front wheels and brakes are not to be taken lightly
  4. the wheel should have been balanced as the tyres were changed about two weeks ago, plus there is no distinct wobbling through the bars or anything. The disc was torqued up properly and everything.

    pulled it all off again today and stripped it apart except for the bearings, so just the rim, tyre and bearings basically. I put the axle in the wheel and then lay it on the ground and tried spinning it. I noticed slight oscillation both side to side and up and down in a regular time period, and around the same area on the wheel each time. Would this suggest a bent rim then, or incorrectly installed bearings? I have a feeling I already know the answer to that question though.....
  5. I had a similar sound from the front wheel on the Ninja when I got it. Took it to the mechanic and they said it was the bearings that needed to be greased again. Lo and behold they greased them and no more sound.

    If it was a warped disc you'd be able to feel it when you brake.
  6. Would be hard to balance a bent rim. Does sound like the bearing then. Make sure the axle is strait too.
  7. Well, I took the entire front wheel to the wheel shop guy, and he had a look at it. Conclusion, nothing is wrong with it he said. Apparently his old R1 used to do the same thing. I guess time will tell if he's right....
  8. Bearings will rise to a squeal.
  9. This is common with alot of bikes.
    The squeek is from the pads vibrating. Usually theres a couple of things and products you can try, like sprays from auto stores, and also brake grease.
    Usually applying a thin coat on the BACK of the pads helps, and also give the brake pad surface a light sand.
    It also possible, that the on-off squeel when riding is caused by a sticking piston.
    Use some brake cleaner to give the caliper and rotors a good clean and use brake cleaner to clean the pistons and caliper pins. You can also use the grease on these areas... (Just dont get any grease on the front of the pads or rotors)