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Front wheel dip - Not Braking

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Comrade, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. An odd thing happened today while I took a left hand corner and I'm not exactly clear on why it happened.

    Second gear doing about 25-30KM/hr, tipped the bike and leaned a bit more than usual. Suddenly i felt the front dip, exactly like i had hit the front brake, and felt a bit of a wobble from the front as well.

    Any thoughts?
  2. probably almost low sided. What bike have you got? How adjustable is the suspension?

    If your rear rebound damping isn't right it will feel disconcerting in the front, at the apex. To soft from memory.
  3. A couple of things it could be, but it sounds like it had a tiny slip and then turned in, gripped again and suddenly put a lot more force through the springs and damping and stuff. Did the bars move a bit?
  4. @ibast: honda vtr250 with preload adjustment only on the back.

    @kneedragon: Yes the bars moved a bit. My inexperienced guess was that i might have been right at the point/speed between steering into the corner and counter steering. I was steering into the corner at the time.
  5. Could have been a bit of oil you did not notice and it just stepped out a bit. No biggy. Good to see you were in balance and had good posture happening. Because bad balance and posture would have you writing another thread. "My off"
    Go out and put on the front brake and bounce the front. It should be smooth. If it clicks or has a spike in it. (a spike is a bit where it is not smooth and sticks a bit and makes a clicking noise) Then you might have a bent inner.
    But me thinks it was more likely oil or crap on the road you did not notice.
    I would still be doing your rider on sag like Ibast suggested. 30mm rear with you on it with all your gear on.
  6. Yeah, I think you went over something slippery, or a slight dip in the road at a higher rate of knots than you've done before.
  7. Thanks all.

    I'll try the corner again under same "knottage" tomorrow morning and see what happens. Damn you curiosity!!!
  8. Well if your going to do that. Then make sure you are relaxed. Wobble the elbows, wiggle the head and take the thought of the front washing right out of your head.
    Or the end result wont be the same.
  9. This happened to me the other day on a tight urban right hander, lost grip on the front & the bike wiggled as it regained composure...I blamed it on too much exuberance on cold tyres.

    Later that day i stopped at the same intersection & noticed debris & gravel right where i had turned in, that probably didn't help either.
  10. Took the same corner twice since and no real dramas! Perhaps it was a bit of oil afterall.

    It's just I'm trying to do this motorcycle thing right. In that I know I'll make mistakes, which is fine as long as I know why I made them and learn not to make them again.
  11. The road is littered with nasty little surprises.
    Hence why you need to keep good posture and in turn good balance.
    If your head was tilted in. And your body flopped on the bike the outcome might have been very different.