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Front Up Freestyle Stunt Show - Calder Park Friday June 8

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by N*A*M, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. We have a gig tonight! :armsup:

    Still organising the finer details but FUF will be riding at Calder Park for the Legal Offstreet Drags. Gates Open at 4pm. Racing starts a 6pm.

    Not sure when we will be riding just yet. But come down and say g'day!


  2. oh man that was a buzz! i think we did a pretty good job to warm up the crowd on such a cold night. the drag strip was niiiice. they've got some high grip surface. the burnout pad was sketchy though. lots of rubber which makes it hard.

    if you went down, i'd love some feedback about how we can make the show more entertaining. and if you got any photos. thanks.
  3. m*a*n its a shame u posted this so l8. id of luvd 2 cum n watch. hey turns out the guys who just painted your bikes is sponsering me n painting my race bike 2. small world a!
    next time
    pomy boy (AKA) kwirky
  4. yeah sorry man. it was all organised today!

    don't worry, there will be plenty more chances. and we're only going to improve each time.

    ah cool is your bike at the shop? wouldn't mind checking it out.