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Front tyre slipping out again.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Postal, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Last time it happend.. I was going up the mountian hwy into the ranges, a road which not too long ago I was scrapping my footpegs at every corner. But recently I have been concentrating on my lines alot more, and riding more safely so there was no footpeg action today...

    I was taking a corner going wide and keeping my eye direction on the prize - it was very tight, so as I found the axis I lent in, which I think was the problem, I was leaning first and stearing later.... COULD THAT BE IT?

    It only hapened once today... the rest of the day I was fine.
  2. At the risk of asking a stupidly obvious question, how's the condition of your front tyre, and how's the pressure? (oops, that's two questions :roll:).
  3. Crap on the road surface?

    Front suspension?
  4. Power out of corners. Helps unload the front a bit. The GTR was horrible in corners till I had this awakening. You're probably concentratng hard on a nice line, but not getting power down at the right time, ie, you lean or countersteer, and are still slowing down, which loads up the front a lot more than if you had neutral throttle or some power on.
    My thoughts anyway.
    Then again, you could have a Dunlop Arrowmax on teh front too [-o<
    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Dude, what bike do you ride? I don't care what other people tell you but scraping the pegs is bad riding.

    Leaning first and steering later! How the hell does that happen, you can't lean the damn bike without steering, or to put it more correctly, a bike by the laws of physics alone will not lean into a corner unless you apply counter steer which is the action of turning or pushing the handles bars in the opposite direction that you want your bike to turn.

    My body can lean off the side of the bike when it is going straight, but that doesn’t mean shit, please don’t mistake leaning your body as the same as leaning your bike, because they aren’t. You lean your body to compliment the leaning of the bike, and the only way to lean a bike is to apply counter steer.
  6. Was the tyres warmed up?
  7. Mayb It is that I don't have enough throttle on. But won't more throttle make me go wider when I'm wanting to close the apex + increas my corner speed + cause me to lean over further (Yes, I mean leaning the bike over)?

    I ride a CB250 With pirelli "city demons" and both the front and back have heaps of tread.

    How is scraping the footpegs bad riding?
  8. What I mean is: Won't having more throttle on mean I'm going faster through the corner and leaning over futher? Shouldent I wait till I'm out of the apex before I give It more throttle? Or maybe I'm giving it throttle too late? Should I lean into the apex and give throttle? I think that would just cause me to go wider in an already increasing curve :shock:
  9. I know I should accelerate through the curve, so by "more throttle" I think you mean more power before I get into the corner? So the weight is of the front tyre? but dosent less weight on the front tyre = less grip?
  10. A CB 250 won't run wide under power, it has none!
    City Demons eh? I think they may be a bit hard and combined with your peg screaping, I will warn you to be careful...sounds like you are at the bike's, tyres and your limits at the moment!
    Quote from Michelin website describing your tyres:
    Tread pattern designed to ensure optimum mileage and even wear

    Front tyre with central groove for good straight stability, good wet performance
    and to assure secure and controllable riding in all conditions

    Stiff carcass for high durability and wide range of usage on small displacement

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Thanks for looking that up Andrew.

    I didn't scrape 1 peg today mate, I go out to practise my skills not to gain some ego boost from how much I can scape my pegs.

    I'm asking for help cuz I wanna fix this issue.

    Could it be the shocks? would that be a common thing to happen when the shocks are going? I have felt my bike is a bit more lumbursome nowdays:(
  12. Oh and I didn't even get a chance to go low and it started sliping so what could that be? after I straightend it up a bit the lent in again I was back on track but it didn't look hot, the cyclists who I would have just missed if I slid into the cliff face probally agree with me on that :p
  13. Dude, I wish you lived in Newcastle because I'd be giving you lessons for free just so you could be safe.
  14. Postal are you leaning off the bike in sharp corners? By leaning off the bike instead of just sitting upright will allow the bike to travel through a corner with less lean angle compared if you didn't hang off. This means there will be more clearance between the road and your pegs.

    Maybe your just pushing the bike too hard or the tires have gone bad for it to be slipping?
  15. Nicholas - wish you lived here mate I could do with a mentor for my riding as it's frigging hard to learn by myself:(

    Nightgash - thanks for the reply, I'm starting to think the suspetion and tyres are not up to it. My friends keeps telling me it's not a sportsbike... but does it really make that much difference? especially in relation to my issue?
  16. TWT2 talks about 40/60 front/rear weight distribution is optimum. Sounds to me like you're not achieving that.
  17. I wasn't having a go at you earlier mate! I think you need to get someone competent to look at your tyres, and also get a few tips from a decent rider.
    I know what you're going through, I am a self taught rider. I still suck at some things, but I am not dangerous anymore! :LOL:
    We just don't want you overdoing it and hurting yourself or your bike.
    It may be a case of you needing to refine your technique, old tyres and a bike that is near it's limits.
    Just take it a little easier till you have it sorted! :biker:

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. That's the thing, I'm not going hard when it happens:'( It's only when I'm going 30-40kph on tight corners that it happens but I fear the problem could easily occur at higher speeds on bigger corners but have never ever experienced the problem at those times...

    I don't know what could be happening, what's the common cause for the front tyre slipping on corners? I've tried putting more weight on the front... and more weight on the back a seperate times but the problem occurs in both instances so I don't think that's it.

    The thing is, I'm not a bad rider.. it's just this one thing that has me almost wanting to quit all together. Could it be the suspention? because I have never had a mechanic (Bike mechanic) have a good look at my suspention EVER .. maybe that could be it? Maybe the suspention is doing somthing or not... but I can't imagine what it could be:'(
  19. I wish there was an easy answer... I asked an experienced rider and he said put more weight on the front... so decent corner I found I tried it and it happend imediantly:(