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front tyre ridge

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by daewoo, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. My tyres are up for replacing, but I have noticed that the front as a very prominent ridge down the center...

    i.e. either side of centre is almost flat coming to a peak in the middle like a house roof...

    What causes this???

    I would have thought it would only happen if you always lean the bike to exactly the same angle, or (front) brake while you are leaning (which I don't do)...

  2. Picture? Sounds like over-inflation to me, but I've been wrong on lots of other things....
  3. Or under-inflation and the tyre is cupped.

    Pics will tell the story though.
  4. The Tyre says Max Pressure 250Kpa
    The Tyre Placard on the swing arms says 150KPA/21PSI
    The actual pressure (on my highly accurate gauge ???) was 120Kpa/18PSI

    So a little low.

    Just want to know to learn... feel like a bit of a dunce, 'cause I don't know much about bike mechanics...

    They are also quite 'ramped' but nothing like the knobbies on my XR after too much road duties...

    Images here... a bit hard to photograph...


  5. The 'Adventure Brigade' would know better than me, but to me that just looks like a dual-purpose tyre that's having a bit too much tar and not enough dirt.....
  6. ...a bit like it's rider... up and down the highway to the city ain't fun...

    BTW... the queue of traffic heading south into Berry yesterday AFTERNOON was back past the speed camera... :shock: never seen it that bad...

  7. yeah, my daughter just called in after being in Berry round the middle of the day, said the traffic in the town and at either end was just chaos..
  8. Kinda hard to tell because of the tread pattern but it does look cupped to me, it also looks like its time to replace the thing anyway.


    My old man rode across the nullabor (spelling?) and due to riding the bike in a side wind for hours on end wore the hell out of one side of the tyre.

    Looked exactly like your tyre, only much newer. It left a definite ridge in the rear, but its a dual compound tyre also and the ridge was the edge of the harder compound.
  9. Is cupped what I called 'ramped' i.e. the front edge of the tread block worn more that the rear?

    It is definitely time to replace, just want to know why it did would do it, and if I can prevent it next time...

  10. They look completely normal, for rooted tyres. Stop yer bellyaching, and enjoy the new ones.
  11. Combination of under-inflation and road camber (the reason why the right side shows greater wear than the left).

    Fit new tyres and look after them with the pressures also, find a few more left turns.
  12. Its when there is a U or cup shape worn into the tyre, reasons for it happening are listed above. Enjoy the new tyres. :wink: