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Front sprocket/chain on Spada

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by SydneyDave, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,
    I've only had my bike for about a fortnight, and have been reading as much as possible on the maintenance side of things from this site. I'm pretty handy mechanically with cars, so I'm trying to learn as much about bikes too :)

    Heard a strange noise from the bike a couple of days ago, it sounded like the chain, and sure enough, it was! After some reading, I had a go at adjusting it tighter, took it out for a half hour test ride, and when I came back, she was as loose as when I started! So I adjusted her again, and now she's about the right tightness, but there was still a graunching chainy kind of noise.

    Took the cover plate off the front sprocket, and found this:
    A small (~2cm long) bit of rubber came off with the cover plate, and there are obviously other bits missing. I'm assuming this is some kind of a harmonic dampening rubber on the outside of the sprocket. So the question is, does this mean my front sprocket (and chain too) is borked?

    Where can people recommend in Sydney (I live in Balmain) to get new sprockets and a chain put on?

    Or, if someone can tell me where to buy the bits, can someone mechanically savvy (and who has a chain breaker) come give me a hand and show me how to replace it myself? I'm willing to pay in beer, scotch, etc...

    What sort of price should I expect to pay either for the bits or to have it professionally done?
  2. I have no idea how to tell whether your parts are past it, but I got the chain and front and rear sprockets replaced on my Spada at a mechanic for about $250 for parts plus $100 in labour.

    It's a good idea to replace your rear sprocket as well, otherwise the worn rear sprocket might wear your chain out.

    Shortly after the service, I found out that I could've ordered the parts off the net and done it myself. I think the chain pitch is 428, FYI.
  3. For chains & sprockets, I'll usually get mine from:

    - MCA (city) www.mcas.com.au , or
    - Metropolitan Spares (Silverwater) www.motorcyclewreckers.com

    Give them a ring and they'll give you a price over the phone.
    Should be <$200 easily for a 250cc bike.

    $100 sounds alright for install but I usually DIY.
    I use an angle grinder to break the existing chain. :twisted:

    On 250cc bikes, the chain's master link may be a "clip-type" master link rather than the rivet type. From the picture above, it looks like it's the clip type master link on the existing chain (top row, RHS rusty link).

    I have my bikes serviced at Lloyd Penn @ Artarmon. (search for his name in the forums for his reputation)

    I know there's a M/C mechanic on Victoria Road at Balmain, but I've never been there and have read on these forum that they're not that reputable. Ditto with Action M/C in the City or Parramatta.

    Ring around and get some quotes over the phone before committing.

    If you got the tools, the mechnical applitude, the workspace and the time, do it yourself. There's plenty of resources on the web and in forums to guide you thru.