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Front-runner for worst human ever

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Unconnected, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. #1 Unconnected, Aug 12, 2013
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    I thought i was a bit of a dick and a ****. But this video just makes me sick, ruining the one good thing the bloke had for a few seconds of 'entertainment' then forcing him to accept that treatment as being ok by giving him money he cannot refuse.

    fcuking ugh. I hope this prick ends up homeless one day.

  2. Before I click on the video is the guy who posted the video the Dickhead? Really don't want to contribute to him making money off youtube by clicking on it.
  3. What a fcuking Dick, can't believe what some people find funny
  4. And he would be the first to scream if the homeless fella shanked him
  5. I found that a very distasteful piece of film making. They obviously they lack the imagination and creativity to produce anything more substantial.
  6. Front-runner for worst human ever?
    dick of the hour?

    Let's see now, worst human ever he'd be up against the likes of Hitler, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, Vlad the Impaler, Joseph Stalin ...Well, you get the idea.
  7. Jazzfan gets the Godwins after only 5 posts, a record ?
  8. Source: Wikipedia
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  9. Are you after the cut and paste award as well mate ? :D
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    I haven't watched the vid, and I won't for reasons pointed out by smileedude. I don't understand how people get away with some of the things they post online (and I don't mean legal justice here). But I guess it's a reflection of the real world and not something unique to the internet. Look at some of the things circulated as p0rn (no wait, don't). But you also see this in the way the deaths of sex workers are treated, too. Fact is, when you're on the bottom you can disappear and the world won't even notice, because it wasn't even aware you existed in the first place.
  11. Your list seems predicated on the scale of the wrong done. I'm not entirely sure I can swallow that. Some of them (Adolph, Vlad...) would have believed they were morally right or at least justified despite the huge carnage they wrought. Stalin stands almost alone in terms of combining scale and moral vacuity, although Timur Leng probably equalled him in scale, exceeded him in savagery and seems to have possessed almost no conscience.
    But I think that one single horrific act can have as much evil in it as the collateral deaths of millions. Thinking of the likes of Arthur Freeman.
    (Not wanting to apologise for the example above, in any way)
  12. Well, if it's good enough for Justus...
  13. McSenna look away now.

    How do we even measure this shit, anyway? Is Hitler the worst human being ever? But he didn't kill anyone himself (did he even kill anyone in WWI)? So is the commander of the death camp the worst? But what about the guy leading people to the gas chamber? And then there's the guy dropping the zyklon b in.

    Simplifying history down to a single man absolves (or at least lessens the role played by) everyone else who actively participated or passively allowed it to happen.
  14. You Tube have dumped the vid by the looks, good riddance.
  15. Fair enough not wanting to watch it, a synopsis;

    Some prick radio DJ (i thought K.Sandilands was a dick) meets a homeless man, who shows them a cake he "earned" and offers them a piece, at which point he asks him to place it on the ground then jumps on it right in front of him. After that the homeless man is obviously pretty devastated, at this point, prick radio dj starts throwing money at him to make it better, when in reality it makes him 10x more of the prick by forcing the man to accept his treatment and ridicule because he has no choice but to take the money. The fact he thinks its ok because he gave him money, which the bloke does think, just makes it so much worse.