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Front plates in VIC a done deal in 2009???

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Bamm-Bamm, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. I picked up the sep 2009 issue of one of the free motorcycle rags in a dealer the other day and noticed an article inside saying the the VIC Gov has approved front plates to be implemented in 2009 onwards...I can't remember the name of the mag but have it at home...I'll scan the article and post it tonight.

    In the mean time perhaps John K or Tony E would like to comment and put my mind at ease....before I get my protest hat on

  2. The Sep 2009 issue? Tell me, does Rossi win again next year? I might put a bet on if he does.
  3. Which of the rags is it? :roll:

    Can you scan it and post the image?

    Anyway - definitely untrue. That was on the agenda when we met with the Minister a couple of weeks ago. He said that it needs to go back to the originator - the Commonwealth to be squashed and that he can't make any official announcement until they do because Victoria is the state contracted to carry out the actual study and he can't pre-empt that report.

    He also observed that it needed unanimous support from all the states and that there were at least two jurisdictions not in favour.
  4. I'll wager he'll need some kind of futuristic scanner to scan something like that - look for one with a flux capacitor, prolly a blue digital clock in it too.
  5. I can't disclose that...but Stoner crashes :grin:
  6. In the CURRENT Cycle Torque Sept 2008 (not sure on next years), it reads:

    Front plate debate
    Plans are underway by the Victorian Government body Vicroads to introduce front number plates in 2009.
    In what many ....blah, blah, blah, it just continues for a while and since I don't have a scanner handy I thought I'd save a bit of time by shortening the article

    it ends with.... If the scheme comes to fruition it could very well flow into a national introduction that could end up adding further costs to motorcycle registration.
  7. this has gotta be another journalist dragging up an story well and truly dead. unless the said author of article was harold scruby
  8. Simple solution
    email cycle torque and let the reporter who reported have it with both barrels.
    Email the MraVic and ask them to once and for al COME CLEAN and get THEM to get in touch with Cycle torque as well to get things straight.
  9. Sounds like an old article being dragged up to fill some blank spaces.
  10. Or that Codognotto has gotten into the guy's ear about it.

    He still seems to think that it, RFIDs and the like are a done deal and that the MRA is complicit in their implementation.
  11. I just emailed them...

    I don't think I'll win the draggin' jeaans they're giving away for best email... :LOL:

    Your "article" about a potential introduction of front number plates is an example of the appalling state of what pretends to be motorcycle journalism in this country. Not only is it a very old source from Swann but if you bothered to call any motorcycle organisation then you may have had a somewhat different article.

    Firstly VicRoads is shouldering too much of the blame. They put their hand up to do the study on the implementation - it was a Federal initiative initially.

    The AMC has been fighting this federally while the MRA(Vic) has been working locally. Essentially as far as FNPs are concerned it's a case of the proposal being dead buth the death certificate's not yet signed.

    Victorians are getting heartily sick of the garbage media coverage. How about some real news on the current state of play? The fact that VicRoads is working on the first Motorcycle TRANSPORT and Safety Strategy in the country - in conjunction with riders and industry. The fact that we retained footpath parking after a push to stop it - and that the councillor who started the push is now on-side.

    The fact that the Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council is now working very effectively and that riders and industry have the majority there.

    The fact that initiatives such as the enhanced crash investigation project and all the other research projects funded from the levy are beginning to bear fruit. The fact that riders have had direct dialogue with the Minister - our most recent meeting concerned such issues as bus lanes and an equitable share of road space by riders.

    Of course no one bothered to report that the MRA's submission into the recent East-West Transport enquiry was deemed worthy of a one on one discussion. A simple phone call or email could have brought you some real information but your "journo" was obviously happier running an old media release from Swann that he found lining his dustbin.

    I could go on and on but I guess since it's outside NSW you really won't care.

    Tony Ellis
    Secretary MRA (Vic)
    Member Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council
    Member AMC Executive
    Member: Motorcycle Safety Consultative Committee.

  12. Funny thing is that it's a national initiative. Not a Victorian initiative as such - they are the ones doing the work on it.
  13. Far be it from me to tell you your job, but...

    Maybe a somewhat less vitriolic (and honest) missive may have actually made it onto the letters page? Thus defusing any unnecessary angst in the reading public, small as that group may be.

    I can't see a publisher choosing to include a letter that exposes them as unmitigated fools in this way. You're right, but the publisher may bin your letter rather than embarrass themselves, and the less informed reader won't know the difference.

    On the other hand, I understand you can't keep letting them get away with it. It's a balancing act I suppose. If Codognotto is behind a campaign of misinformation (as mtj57 intimates) and has them on side, there won't be much you can do about it.
  14. I've pretty much decided that we aren't getting the media onside anyway.
    If we were in NSW and went out drinking and riding with the media regularly we might have a chance. :roll:

    I'm not prone to being overly vitriolic (However I've been studying a certain noob scourge on these forums so I can get the tone right :LOL: )

    It just got right up my nose that they get copies of all the media stuff from me - and I know they are on the AMC's mailing list as well. It's obvious that they have never bothered to read anything that's come to them and had a space to fill so they dredged up an old (and inaccurate) media release from Swann - who actually issued an amended one later anyway.
  15. I think that Tony's main point was to announce to this magazine that things are being done, and to set the record straight as far as FNPs goes.

    If the media continues to post rubbish like that and they continue to ignore the work of the various motorcycling bodies, then sometimes vitriol, as you put it, is the only way to get the message across.

    If it doesn't make the newsletter pages then it says a lot about Cycle Torque. And that it's as mainstream as the regular media, despite specialist magazines trying to set themselves apart, particularly when it comes to motorcycling.

    Anyway, Netrider is one of Australia's leading websites. People, with a bit of luck, should get a better idea of what's going on in here. Hopefully.
  16. Thanks Martin,
    I think that forums like NR and the direct emails and comments that I get are a lot more representative of the general rider attitudes than the media are.

    The estimates from advertising people that we've been dealing with over some upcoming campaigns are that magazines are only reaching about 17 to 19% or riders and that each magazine seems to have settled into a specific demographic.

    Forums - and the number of posts is not necessarily an indication, although bigger is generally better - are rapidly becoming more and more a better way to reach people.
  17. I dunno if I'm representative of my demographic (older rider, sports tourer rider, etc.) but I haven't bought AMCN for a few months, now. I have browsed it in the supermarket and I think that I read a mate's at work, but that's about it.

    AMCN seems to be focusing more on sports bikes, seems to have fewer road tests (a ride "impression" isn't a road test), and it seems to have more on MotoGP, World Supers, Aussie Supers, etc.

    That's my impression, anyway. The other mags I don't read. I used to read Two Wheels, but not any more. Never seems to be anything in it that I'd be interested in reading.

    As for forums such as Netrider, you don't need to go to a store to buy it in order to read it. It's there for those interested enough to go looking for it on the web.

    Perhaps Vic or Jason would like to supply some data to show how it's performing in these areas. ie. how many total members, subscribers to the forums and so on compare to those who log in to read the forums and who post, either new posts or replies to existing threads.

    I dunno if the forum software can provide this data. But if it can it'd be interesting to see how it's looking.
  18. At a rough guess I'd say many more lurkers to posters. Most forums have a very high lurk to post ratio. This one probably a few less lurkers and a lot more posters though.